We Offer Diverse & Collaborative Serviced Office Spaces In BD

Our flexible seating arrangement enables our members to choose from standing desks to private booths, from swings to couches, and everything in between, indoors or outdoors. Our communal membership includes access to meeting rooms, specialty coffee bars, outdoor cafes, phone booths, prayer rooms, mother’s rooms, showers, and many other amenities offered by our locations. Our serviced office spaces has open seats for you to choose from.

What We Are and How We Work For Serviced Office Spaces

The traditional office means being locked into a lease and having to buy every piece of office furniture and communication equipment. Services offices are shared office spaces that you pay for as you use them, and they offer plenty of advantages for your business, including:


At Clockwise, we offer a variety of packages, which means you have a choice of how you want to use one of our state-of-the-art office spaces located in the heart of Bangladesh. Get ready to work with us.


The advantage of using a serviced office spaces are that you don’t have to set up long-term internet and phone packages. You can walk in and start working immediately, everything is already in place. This will save you a lot of money and allow you to focus on your business.


There are many different types of businesses opting to utilize serviced office spaces and you can benefit from having a vibrant community. To build your business you can network with a variety of professionals around you.

Get Our Traditional and Modern Serviced Space Solution

Serviced Office Spaces in BD

The cost of renting office space is among the most significant expenses for any business. The best and most efficient way to get the infrastructure your business needs without the stress is to get a serviced office spaces.

One of the biggest benefits of a coworking space is the opportunity to meet new people. You may be missing out on valuable contacts if you are working from home or in an independent office.
It can sometimes be all that a small business needs to thrive: proximity to other successful business owners.

Why We Are No.#1 Serviced Office Service Provider

We make every effort to be fast and reliable in everything we do. The serviced office spaces environment is very professional. You’ll have access to first-rate office supplies and qualified personnel to manage all of your workplace needs.

  1. We provide 24×7 IT support
  2. All locations are covered by our seamless service
  3. We have a worldwide IT network
  4. Business WiFi – Each business needs it
  5. Monitoring of your network 24×7

Make A Better Decision With Our Shared Coworking Space

You will join a professional community by joining a coworking space. It’s critical to asses your needs and decide where and how you work best before selecting a coworking space. Make the most of your shared office space once you’ve selected the ideal location. If you need more help choosing, check out our office locations or visit our website.


The Flexible Workspace at HedgeBD

Our serviced shared office space offers a unique experience. Administrative services, outsourced customer support, and corporate consulting services round out our well polished buildings.