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Our Registered address service provides your company with a physical address that is visible on public registers, enhancing corporate transparency. It’s also where governments, supervisory bodies, and other government agencies can contact your legal entity. You can count on our experienced staff to respond efficiently to official notices sent to the registered address. We provide the following services by our registered office:

Our Features:

1. You can use a local mailing address and a mail forwarding service
2. Prepare and submit annual returns as directed
3. Maintaining corporate or partnership records as required by law
4. Document certification and notarization

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Use Our Registered Address As Your Office

Meeting room space is required by many of our clients. If your registered address office is located near Bangladesh we can set up modern meeting rooms for you. They are equipped with fiber optic broadband and provide an excellent venue for meeting clients and customers.

1. Professional unbranded reception
2. The hotel is fully air-conditioned
3. Wireless Internet is available for free
4. Digitized telecommunications
5. Mineral water, tea, and coffee are provided

A Qualified Registered Address Services In Dhaka

Legal Requirement Of Registered Office


1. Members’ Register
2. Registrar of company directors
3. Company secretaries’ register
4. Indemnities for directors
5. Taking minutes at meetings
6. Contracts for the purchase of own shares

The Process of Changing Your Registered Address

It is important to provide a full address and include the correct postcode to Companies House so they can verify the new address with the Post Office. Your new registered office address will be approved if it is suitable. Public records will be updated within 24 hours.

After HedgeBD enters your new address into their database, it will take effect. You will need to update your stationery and move your statutory records when this happens. It is ideal to use a commercial/non-residential address because:

  1. In light of the public disclosure of corporate information, the use of a residential address could result in unwanted visitors and unsolicited mail at your home
  2. A registered office address in a prestigious location will appeal to a larger consumer base and discerning investors
  3. When your company has a professional registered address, it is more likely to be perceived as an established, credible, and trustworthy business

You can give your business a sought-after Bangladeshi address while protecting your identity with our registered address service. It is ideally located in the heart of Bangladesh and a prime location for boosting business visibility. You can increase the confidence of clients and suppliers in your brand by including the address on correspondence. We also offer a private and confidential service that allows you to keep your details secure at an affordable price.   

Why Does Everyone Need a Registered Office?

  1. Limited companies must maintain a registered office.
  2. Printed on your company’s paperwork and website.
  3. Public records will not contain your home address.
  4. Stops junk mail and unwanted visitors from entering your home.
  5. If you are based outside the BD, your registered address must be in the BD

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Press the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  2. Your order will be filled and your invoice will be credited.
  3. We will update your company records at Companies House with our address.
  4. Our team will scan your statutory mail and email it directly to you for free, on the day we receive it.

Let’s Begin The Journey Together

Our goal is to help clients pursue the right commercial, financial and legal paths. We can help you figure out which jurisdiction is best for you based on your specific needs. To learn more, contact one of our professionals today.


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