Collaborative & Adaptable Coworking Spaces 

We have designed our coworking spaces to resemble an office environment, complete with all necessary amenities.

  1. The coworking spaces at HedgeBD is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. Flexible room space and you can decide whether you should work long hours .

We provide you with excellent work solutions, we help regulate the work environment and profession to celebrate the best !

Get Hassle Free Coworking Spaces In Bangladesh


HedgeBD was designed to maximize your experience with unique features.

We benefit our clients by offering them the coworking spaces and support they need to be their authentic selves. We provide sophisticated shared office space with great views and plenty of natural light.

The next 5 things are included:
1. We offer prestigious addresses.
2. Obtain a local phone number.
3. An empathetic receptionist.
4. Secretarial services on demand.
5. Month-to-month contracts are flexible.

Your coworking spaces must provide knowledge workers with the physical space they need to perform their best.

HedgeBD Solve Your Space Problems

Our Best & Simple Coworking Spaces Solutions

We welcome our clients in hundreds of locations across Bangladesh. We provide high-speed Internet connectivity, making it constantly accessible in

IT support tailored to your needs
Unique common areas with lots of space
Desks, chairs and lockable storage cabinets should be provided
Multi-function copiers, scanners, and printers for business

A Global Community From the Ground Up

HedgeBD was formed with the goal of providing a platform for people and businesses to connect and collaborate. We became a worldwide workplace supplier after launching our first site in Bangladesh. This is how the world will be in the future. All of your office needs can be met by one of our coworking spaces, which are situated throughout the world. At our communal co-working facilities, we provide virtual assistant services and coworking offices to clients from all over the world. It can be difficult to choose a coworking provider. Numerous aspects need to be taken into account. Not all company can benefit from every service.


We Offer Inspiring Work

We think that a cultural calendar of activities promotes the integration of work and life. Provide a full calendar of business events, speakers, and networking lunches to keep you engaged and open to new opportunities.