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HedgeBD offers one-stop business solutions for the companies who are seeking to establish their organization here in Bangladesh. At first providing real life and virtual office spaces to pre-employment screening for your qualified candidates. And also we have it all! So that, stop worrying about budget and fill our Quotation from. Finally get in touch with us today!

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Request for any particular requirements and specifications or let us know about your budget and the service you are looking for. Receive more information by completing the following form. Particularly our Customer Support Team will contact you within 24 hours. Need to speak with someone urgently important to realize? You can reach us directly at +88 09606999123 to discuss your needs and quotation. The dedicated members of our team enjoy hearing from you and also providing the best services at the best rate to help you boost your business.

How Can We Help?

Virtual Office Assistance

Renting and decorating an office space could overwhelm your budget if you own a small business. Contact us as soon as possible for getting our virtual office assistance services with budget friendly.

Serviced Office Space

Hence are you a foreign company looking to establish your business here in Bangladesh? HedgeBD will take care of your requirements by providing you a fully furnished office space with also cheap quotation.

Criminal Record Check

Interviewing great candidates for a higher post? In case you need to help at ease and satisfied by screening pre-employment criminal history of your candidates and also secure the best quotation.

Reference Verification

Verifying references is an important part of recruitment process to know whether your candidate is fitting for your company. Also we will get you more precisely within an affordable quotation!

Social Media Screening

Social media presence speaks a lot about the candidate’s behavior. Our automated software technology screens out the tiniest details one has posted online in the past.

Corporate Verification

Planning to merge your business with a new business partner? Contact us to verify the details provided by the other party and enhance your organization basically without any trouble.

Financial Regulation

Our financial regulatory check ensures about the competency and quality of the candidate to be hired so that you can be at ease about the progress of your business.

Project Details

Please write TOP 3 to 5 goals you are looking for in priority order point by point. Please be precise and pointed in align with your expectation.

Finance and Budgeting

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