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We’re a user content moderation company that takes down inappropriate posts, encourages users to connect, and monitors brand-related conversations, comments, photos, and videos. Take use of our expertise, which is available in 35 languages, and check out our comprehensive digital solutions for improved customer experience to help you develop your business. As we execute our operations with complete manual capabilities, our moderation approaches keep a check on texts, photographs, audios, and images provided by users that can generally go unnoticed by software algorithms.

3 Core Services Of Our User Content Moderation Process

Content Moderation Process

1. Image Moderation

We at hedgeBD provide picture content moderation services that combine software and human expertise to guarantee that every image corresponds to the company’s norms and policies. We can regulate any image category, provided in any format, to the highest level of accuracy and quality which helps to business boost.

Content Moderation Process

2. Video Moderation

Our video annotation service is backed by advanced moderation techniques that allow you to control live-streaming videos and upload them by reviewing the length and other relevant guidelines. We offer real-time content moderation and can moderate frames-by-frame with real-time reports and suggesting actions.

Content Moderation Process

3. Social Media Check

If your company or brand has a social media presence, you’ll need a specialized content moderator to screen all comments, feedback, and reviews and make them positive to your company or brand. Finally, you want to make your brand as user-friendly as feasible. we are best for social media check.

HedgBD offers a variety of content moderation services to suit a client’s project requirements. Image moderation, video moderation, and text moderation are all common workflows. Our team collaborates with a customer to determine their quality and throughput requirements and then creates custom processes to meet those objectives. Get the data-driven content moderation solution to protect your company’s reputation while also boosting your brand’s image, product, and services in the market.

Build Your Brand Reputation In 2 Weeks With Our Content Moderation Services

We’re a content moderation company that blends human moderators’ knowledge with AI’s unique and practical skills. Get great outcomes with adaptable solutions that we can customize to your business and end-user requirements. We provide top-notch content moderating services at HedgBD. For blogs, social networks, forums, and applications, they include real-time comment moderation, live streaming video moderation, and image moderation. Our goal is to prevent incidences of cyberbullying while protecting user sensitivities.

1. 24/7 real-time monitoring of all user-generated content
2. Preserve brand reputation and user safety
3. Engagement on your website, page, or platform
4. Powered by both human and AI expertise
5. Scale and test marketing campaigns effectively

How Our Successful User Content Moderation Works For You?

We provide real-time moderation services for user-generated content (UGC) on social media and other online platforms. Our moderators can quickly detect spam and remove it, as well as unacceptable content, whether it’s a picture or a video. Within your budget, we provide a bespoke solution with precision and devoted resources. The moderator oversees user-generated content such as texts, comments, videos, and photographs to ensure that they are in line with your brand’s guidelines and policies.

1. Profanity should be marked and censored.
2. Filter out explicit sexual content and nudity.
3. Users’ information that could be misused by unethical users.
4. Make sure your readers are safe.
5. Remove spam content quickly and easily.

A content moderator oversees user-generated content such as comments, videos, and photographs to verify they are appropriate for your brand and follow your company’s guidelines or policies. HedgBD has a team of content moderators who monitor content in real-time to defend your brand’s reputation and goodwill in the community. Content moderation is all about separating the excellent from the bad without jeopardizing your company’s or brand’s reputation. Small changes can often make a big difference by improving the company’s reputation among customers.

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Why Choose Us?

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Defend Your Brand

We assist you to defend your brand by monitoring and assessing harmful content from internet threats, scammers, and hackers while filtering bad content.


Effective Campaign

Our professional content moderators ensure that all sorts of content uploaded on online platforms are reviewed and that prompt and effective actions are taken to moderate them.


Personalized Service

We are here to give a totally tailored solution based on resource availability, financial limits, and schedules, making content moderation more personalized and adaptable.


Quality Assurance

To acquire precise and effective results, quality is crucial. To maintain this strategy, we use the most effective pre- and post-content moderation approaches to achieve the greatest results.

Quality With Accuracy

Get the best-in-class quality services with the highest level of accuracy, delivering excellence in picture annotation through many steps of data auditing and review.

Security With Privacy

We are a SOC 2 TYPE 1 Company, which means we maintain high standards of data security and privacy while collaborating with our clients to safeguard their privacy.

Fully Scalable Service

A fully scalable solution for annotating photographs on demand, with quick turnaround times, for hundreds of employees.

Cost-Effective Pricing

When our clients outsource image annotation to us, they obtain a low-cost data labeling service that helps them get the most out of their project.

The Bottom Line

HedgBD is Bangladesh’s top provider of employment screening services. You will be able to provide quality support to your customers by outsourcing content moderation services to professionals. They will be able to provide the services you require due to their vast training and experience. Content moderation necessitates the moderators’ immediate and consistent reactions. This is particularly crucial for social media platforms, as comments are generated in a matter of seconds. When you outsource content moderation services, you can rest confident that you will receive support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outsource content moderation to HedgBD to provide your customers with a secure and reliable online brand experience. Our skilled team will regulate content to ensure that your clients are not exposed to any offensive, unlawful, or dangerous material.

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