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We begin our social media content screening process by discussing your goals and also requirements. Although social media background checks have garnered both positive and negative press, we believe they may be incredibly beneficial when used as part of a thorough employment screening check.

How Our Social Media Content Screening Service Works For You?



Every post, including original posts, likes, responses, reposts, and also comments, are analyze by HedgBD. Based on your keywords, we even more evaluate memes and custom picture content. So you can rely on us.


Legally Loyal

When it comes to social media privacy, HedgBD follows FCRA and EEOC principles and adheres to both Federal and State regulations. So you can rely on our successful social media content screening process.



In another case, HedgBD can create a social media report in about 30 minutes*. Why should you have to wait many days for a response? In addition your subjects, link their social media pages, and run a check.

We use a unique combination of cutting-edge technology to rapidly, accurately and objectively discover any relevant social media content. We also offer you with a report that includes a description of any recognized content, stripped of any personal or sensitive information. Contact us as soon as for a free quote depending on your requirements in detail.

Protect Your Reputation With Our Social Media Check Services

HedgBD’s social media content screening can help to safeguard your reputation and avoid costly bad hires. Significantly your HR policy limitations and with redacted personal details to minimize liability. Additionally We customize social media checks to meet your individual needs, either on their own or as part of a job screening package.

1. Tailored to fit your needs
2. Verify employee’s professional experience
3. Fast, convenient, and cheap
4. Uncover illegal, anti-social or violent behavior
5. Understand your candidates better
Create a Safer, More Productive Workforce

What Makes Us Unique?


Legal Representation

We will safeguard you from litigation by ensuring that you do not see protected information by doing these as soon as checks. So you will never be worries about safety.

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Actionable Information

We’ll carry out the most extensive, detailed, and exhaustive checks possible and also deliver actionable reports to you. So without any doubt you can rely on us.

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Compliant Checks

Our social media background checks are FCRA compliant and at the same time we will be carries out in accordance with all other applicable federal, state, and local laws.


Personalized Services

Our social media content screening serviceswill be tailored to your specific requirements. We’ll even give you a report in the format that best suits your tastes.

Employee Background Verification Services We Offer

 Access Comprehensive Review Of An Applicant

We have designed a mechanism at HedgBD for assessing data in a way that is most relevant to employers. Firstly we will be explain to you shortly. Accordingly the most crucial aspect is that we will give you reports that you may use. These are the types of reports that you can utilize after that right away to make hiring decisions. All information is double-checked across all social media channels. Basically, we offer you a thorough evaluation of a candidate. That makes us a trustworthy employee background verification services provider in Bangladesh.

Social Media

Final Verdict

HedgeBD assists in gaining a unique insight into a candidate’s actions and behaviors that may not be readily apparent on a CV or during an interview. You may easily search the Internet for relevant information, including user-generated content in the public domain, social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and others), and other publicly available online content. We will supply you with objective information that has been censored to protect you from any potential liability associated with knowing personal information. Do you want to chat about background checks or hire solutions? Do you just want us to listen? Whatever the case may be, we are here to assist you.

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