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Hedge.com.bd employs expert investigators skilled in acquiring extensive information when conducting due diligence checks or  investigations. All information is obtained legally using premium information domains not available to the general public. These investigations will provide you with accurate information in the most efficient manner.

Enjoy Our 3 Premium Due Diligence Offerings


Examining Opportunities

Our service providers thoroughly investigates the key principles, entities and terms of a contract or deal to drive growth, profits and competitiveness.


Verifying Claimed Credentials

Investigate a business entity to verify the integrity of its claimed credentials, business skills and other attributes and find any background information.


Developing Risk Awareness

Audit public data, corporate records and other proprietary investigative resources to develop an intuitive risk awareness plan for your organization.

Hedge.com.bd conducts due diligence checks on entities, organizational networks and individuals, researching public records and proprietary local and international databases. The research also extends to public records, social media and the web using robust investigative techniques.

Rest Assured On Your Dealings With Due Diligence checks 

While it is possible to move forward with your business dealings without investigating the business entity you’re dealing with, it may expose you to risks that could have been easily avoidable down the line. Hedge.com.bd utilizes its network of experienced investigators and advanced investigative tools to ensure that due diligence checks are thorough and time efficient so you can be assured that your new business partner is credible and won’t expose you to danger in the future.  4 of our investigative methods include:

1. Analysis of company Information – we obtain company records and financial information using our database accesses and contacts.
2. Negative media – our data sets gives us access to identify adverse media that may affect your dealings
3. Red flags and blacklist checks – our investigations reveal any previous record of misconduct such as sanctions, money laundering, politically exposed persons or presence in any watch lists.
4. Dark web searches – any illicit network traffic involving the target are exposed through our deep web searches.

High Quality & Affordable Due Diligence Investigation Services

Our Due Diligence Checks Services:

Hedge.com.bd provides investigation services looking into a comprehensive analysis of all legal, financial, and operational credibility and integrity of your business partners. The company’s finances, management, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, products, etc. are examined to give you a full understanding of the business before you enter an agreement with them. Some of our services include:

1. Legal Investigations : Legal due diligence checks the contracts, loans, estates, employment history, pending litigations and any other legal obligations the company might have that might impact your dealings with it.
2. Financial Investigations: Looks into earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flow, debt and management to verify the company has stable and unblemished finances.
3. Commercial Investigations : Examines the market the business is involved in, taking into account customers, competitor assessment, business goals and future directions, etc.
4. External Investigations: Other factors impacting the business such as taxation, pensions, human resources and IT systems.
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Choose Our Due Diligence Specifications

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Financial Due Diligence

Investigates the financial condition of the entity, looking for consistency of accounts, assets and liabilities, as well as financial background.


Legal Due Diligence

Investigate the legal contracts and other legal situations of the entity to identify hidden risks and potentials for lawsuits


Operational Due Diligence

Business model, market, competition and other operational activities are examined.


Product Due Diligence

Get in-depth insight into the products the entity is involved with.


Human Capital Due Diligence

The skills, qualifications and background record of the target business’s staff and management are examined.

Final Thoughts On Due Diligence Checks Services

No doing a due diligence checks exposes you to severe risks in your dealings with other businesses. The other business might leave out details or falsify numbers to make the deal look more appealing, or the entity might not fit your existing business model or goals despite initial impressions. A thorough due diligence checks report by experts like those at Hedge.com.bd will lay bare all these factors, allowing you to make informed decisions and cut down massively on risks.

FAQs On Due Diligence Checks

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