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Birth Certificate Verification: Especially birth certificate is often one of the methods to establish a new employee’s both identity and eligibility to work in certain industries in Bangladesh. Hedge.com.bd provides services to verify the credibility of birth certificates, establishing the employee’s credibility.

We Ensure Employee’s Right Age For Your Success In 3 Ways


Age To Work

Most jobs have some criteria for minimum age to work in them, therefore confirming someone’s legal age becomes a necessity.



A person’s immigration status could affect their eligibility to work certain jobs, and so verifying their citizenship is vital. We can help you in this criteria.


Due Diligence

The employer needs the employee’s birth certificate verification at the same time we are show of proof that the employer has carried out its due diligence.

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Fast Turnaround Time

Our birth certificate verification services are streamlined and also responsive to save your time.

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Professional Protocols

Hedge.com.bd uses protocols and frameworks due to ensure our reports are compliant and regulated.

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State-Of-The-Art Tools

We have access to state-of-the-art and at this time reliable accurate tools to carry out our investigations

Get Your Employee’s Right Identity With Our Birth Certificate Verification Services

The birth certificate is an important piece of document that could provide important information about the employee. Place of birth, age, identity, etc. could all be established using this single piece of document. However, it is also possible for employees to fake this document, interfering with its value as a credible source of information. The following are some reasons why the birth certificate verification might of importance:

1.Verifying its employees’ age allows organizations to implement policies in compliance with national and international standards.
2. Age verification is indispensable in terms of eligibility checks for role in company, benefits, social protection, etc.
3. It provides a check for the employee’s immigration status, which might be necessary in a number of compliance scenarios.
4. Hiring individuals with unverified birth certificates might open the company up to multiple unforeseeable risks
5. Employing someone without official documents exposes businesses to the risk of using child labor; the person may be under the general minimum age for work, or may be over the minimum age but under 18 years old, making them ineligible for hazardous work.

Hire reassured

Hire employees with complete reassurance of their credibility, with Hedge.com.bd’s verification services.

Affordable Background Checks

We provide employers with the most affordable, simple, detailed checks for records of births

Hire Confidently With Our Employee Birth Certificate Verification Services

Reason For Asking For Birth Certificate

There are a myriad of reasons why asking for a birth certificate verification is a valid best practice performed similarly by employers, mainly related to identity checks and comply. The document verifies that the person is who they claim to be. Our verification service might show if the person is using a frauds identity, for example the name of someone who is dead. The following is a more detailed reasoning for asking for this information:

1. As part of the legal documentation of the employee.
2. As proof of due diligence done by the employer
3. To ensure lawful employment.
4. Verifying the employees legal age before hiring.
5. Verifying employee’s immigration status

ID checks are simple and are probably one of the first types of background checks that come to mind when people think of background checks. The purpose of this check is to ensure that a person’s. It also ensures that the provided social security number does not as long as a dead person or has been identified as fake use. Using the social security number of a dead person is, of course, fraud. To put it another way, this background check verifies that the basic facets of the person’s identity match the information they’ve given.

Conclusion For Birth Certificate Verification Service

The birth certificate is an important document when providing proof of age or validity of the employee’s identity. Hedge.com.bd employs felt investigators who research the validity of this document through extensive research, interviews with the persons former colleagues, etc., providing you with a thorough report of proof in minimal time.

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