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It is possible to conduct a bankruptcy file check for an applicant through HedgeBD. The search is performed through all files maintained by the Bankruptcy of Bangladesh from 1978 to date. The bankruptcy checks themselves are also available to search.
HedgeBD has extensive experience in Bankruptcy Verification, and its partnerships provide reliable information, even from international sources. You can rely on our team of experienced screening specialists to provide you with a wealth of information during the recruitment process that will help you make informed decisions.

How We Work For Bankruptcy Investigation Service?

Bankruptcy Check Service in Bangladesh

Invoices for Business

A business operator should protect his or her interests when dealing with other businesses, no matter how big or small. Business checks verify the information about companies, licenses, and other government agencies.

Bankruptcy Check Service

 Insolvency Checks

We perform a range of bankruptcy checks and investigations into insolvency registers for lenders, employers, and businesses as well as credit risk management services for businesses.

Bankruptcy Check Service

Due Diligence Services

Customer due diligence involves identifying your customers. The process of verifying a customer’s identity involves obtaining and verifying their names and official documents. You get help from HedgeBD.

You can quickly and easily gather relevant information with smart and tailored online reference templates. An employment reference check usually takes us no longer than two days.

3 Steps For Bankruptcy Check Process 

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Choose Bankruptcy check when you set up your account

Bankruptcy checks can be ordered individually or as part of a check package

Candidate Information Should be Entered

If you want to check the background of multiple candidates at once, you can upload their details in bulk.

Analysis of the System and Documentation of Matches

The results of the bankruptcy check are part of the candidate profile that is verified.

Why Choose The HedgeBD’s Service?

Our HedgeBD Bankruptcy Checks specialist team has many years of experience in this field, so our experts are best suited to find and provide all the information you need to effectively assess the reliability and risk of an applicant. We also offer unique advantages when you choose our bankruptcy file verification service :

1. Direct checks with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy BD
2. There are international equivalents in some countries.
3. Describes in detail the bankruptcy or proposal
4. The files include all those created since 1978
5. We provide real-time results on our secure website

How Does HedgeBD Conduct The Bankruptcy Investigation?

The following are some benefits of conducting bankruptcy checks, insolvency, and credit checks as part of a comprehensive screening process:

  1. Get a comprehensive overview of the prospective candidate’s or business’s performance to minimize your company’s financial and human risk.
  2. You should conduct due diligence on all potential candidates and business partners in order to protect yourself from fraudulent and disreputable companies.
  3. Maintaining the financial health of your company is of the utmost importance. Make sure you have complete faith in the employees who handle your company’s finances.
  4. Easily configure bankruptcy investigation, insolvency, and credit checks to reflect your company’s standards, code of conduct, and employment policies.

We Built On Trust

Take a look at our HedgeBD. Our difference work that is making the world a safer place. As a global leader in bankruptcy checks, HedgeBD has perfected everything your business needs to hire with confidence. The HedgeBD platform enables organizations to make smarter, faster, safer hiring decisions with advanced technology, accuracy, and industry-leading turnaround time, ensuring our clients create great environments for their most important resource, people.

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