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The Asset Tracing and Recovery service from HedgeBD penetrates attempts overall to conceal cash, real estate, corporate holdings, financial instruments, commodities, and other tangible and also intangible assets. In addition we have extensive experience tracing funds and identifying assets through the most sophisticated money laundering schemes and corporate structures.

Our Premium 6 Ways For Securing Affordable Asset Tracing Evidences

Asset Tracing Services

1. Cost-Effective

Cross-border multi-national asset searches occasionally can quickly become expensive. To assist in the delivery of cost-effective results, we create a customize, scale work plan that is deliver.

Asset Tracing Recovery Services

2. Identify Structures identify structures such as shell companies and nominee directors and/or shareholders that may have facilitated the transfer of funds and assets.

Asset Tracing

3. Comprehensive Profile

Firstly we focus on leads where recovery and enforcement of awards are most likely to be successful using our comprehensive profile of purported assets and also business activities.

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4. Forensic Examination

We perform forensic examinations of financial and commercial overall data for signs of asset transfers and also diversions.

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5. Investigations

At this time to determine “actionable” intelligence, we combine searches of publicly available material with our own discreet source inquiries.

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6. Authenticity at the same time give sound advice based on solid evidence and proofs after their thorough investigations

Error-Free Steps We Follow In Every Stages Of Asset Tracing:

Asset tracing investigations can be diverse, have abrupt scope shifts, and also are frequently time-sensitive. They necessitate swift, decisive action as well as expert assistance to help you respond effectively and efficiently. Basically assistance you require, our multidisciplinary team can help at any stage of an investigation, tailoring our services to the case’s specific needs. Additionally our most effective information gathering procedures are given below:

1. conduct extensive searches of publicly available material, including local and international media and corporate databases
2. conduct our own source investigations in relevant jurisdictions
3. conduct interviews to uncover factual and anecdotal clues that will lead to hidden assets
4. investigate advantageous relationships
5. detect and preserve data from servers, computer systems, mobile phones, and some other forms of digital media

Our findings have assisted clients in determining the asset positions of parties in contract disputes, enforcing international arbitration awards, and recovering assets following litigation and arbitration, complex frauds, and banking failures.

We achieve results obviously by combining the global expertise of’s business intelligence and also investigation resources.

Most Effective Procedures To Achieve Success In Asset Tracking For Clients

In asset tracing and recovery, equally important of speed and expertise cannot be overstate. Both will increase the chances of recovering assets. Once the need for asset tracing has been determine, a team of experts must be assemble as soon as possible. There can also be no delay in deciding on the best approach or taking action to determine the exact location of the assets in question and who owns them. Following that, the appropriate legal applications must be filed.

1. It is critical to determine the exact circumstances of the fraud in any such case.
2. This entails conducting investigations and obtaining statements from
3. Obtain a thorough understanding of how the fraud was carried out.
4. Determine who is involved and where they are located.
5.Determine the location of the assets obtained fraudulently.
6. Determine whether any of the assets have been sold and, if so, where the proceeds are being held. This approach will ensure that all of the facts surrounding the fraud are discovered. This will then aid in determining the best legal course of action. has a lot of experience doing all of this for individuals and businesses all over the world. Our legal intelligence, combined with our meticulous planning, high-quality investigative work, and quick thinking, allows us to counter any attempts to prevent assets from being located or recovered.

Our asset tracing service can assist you in locating hidden funds or physical property that may have been fraudulently hidden in a business transaction, or stolen from a company or individual. Any assets that are not transparently shared in a transaction can be uncover through our  legal service.

Error Free Report & Recovery

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Creating Asset Tracing Reports

Create a report for legal counsel that answers the who, what, when, where, when, how, and why questions based on our investigation.

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Asset Valuations Results prepare corporate and other asset valuations

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Ensure Best Case Strategy

We provide information to assist lawyers in determining the best case strategy and potential next steps, such as:  third-party disclosure requests;  asset seizure; and asset freezing and disclosure orders


Creating affidavits and witness statements

We draft affidavits and witness statements in support of civil action to reclaim misappropriated funds and testify in court as an expert witness

Final Thoughts On HedgeBD Asset Tracing

Hire a specialist asset tracing agency like to fully embrace the asset-tracing or asset-tracking service because we can carry out traces across Bangladesh cost-effectively. We have an internal asset tracing team, as well as a large network of international partner agencies, where local knowledge of various jurisdictions is critical to obtaining quick and accurate results. Because fraudsters can hide assets all over the world, investigations must be thorough, methodical, and, of course, legal.

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