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How do you handle background check disagreements with applicants?

We have a qualified and competent personnel accessible to assist candidates who contact HedgeBD to dispute information in their consumer report. In the event of a candidate dispute, we adopt the following steps:

Begin the Dispute: To begin the dispute process, we will work with the candidate to determine which item is being contested. We’ll also inquire whether the candidate has any supporting documentation that may be used to validate or expedite the process. Although such documentation is useful, it is not essential for us to begin the reinvestigation.

Note – If the Candidate says the report is factual, but they want to know why they weren’t recruited or what the status of the hiring decision is, HedgeBD will tell them that we don’t make recruiting decisions and will refer them to the client directly for that information.

The Client for whom the report was generated will be notified that the Candidate has filed a complaint.

Reinvestigate: We will do a free reinvestigation of the challenged information, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. As a result of the reinvestigation, any information discovered to be erroneous or incomplete is amended or removed from the report.

Complete the Dispute: In a letter to the Candidate, we will document the outcomes of the reinvestigation. If the results were changed as a consequence of the reinvestigation, the letter would include a copy of the report as well as any other information required by the FCRA.

The Client will be notified when the dispute process is complete, as well as the outcomes of the reinvestigation.

HedgeBD provides background checks that are quick, simple, and accurate. During the screening procedure, background checks are quite important. You must examine a candidate’s criminal past as an employer.