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While employers and human resource professionals would like to believe that all job candidates are truthful about their previous experience and education, this is not the case. In today’s market, resume fraud is becoming more common, and it’s critical for employers to know if they’re hiring who they think they’re hiring. We are assisting employers or our clients in this circumstances by doing fraud checks and scams.

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When job applicants purposefully falsify their information on a resume, this is known as resume fraud. The majority of the time, this deception is committed in the hopes of increasing the applicant’s chances of being consider for a job. A variety of methods can be use to commit resume fraud. Most common 3 areas of  resume which are manipulate by applicants easily are given below:


Fake References

Some job applicants provide phony references in order to appear more qualified. While a potential employee may provide a list of previous employers or coworkers, the contact information provided could be that of a friend or family member.


Fake Certificates

Unqualify applicants may fabricate a degree or certification in order to be consider for an open position that requires a certain level of education or training. They may outright lie about attending a school they never did; in others, they may have start but never complete.


Fake Capabilities

Job applicants exaggerate their previous level of responsibility in order to persuade hiring managers that they have the necessary experience. This type of resume fraud can be commit by listing their most recent position, but implying that they hold it for many years. These are brought out through fraud and scam checks.

Criminals who target employment websites frequently use mystery shopping scams. Scammers send victims a check and instruct them to use the money to “test” Western Union’s money transfer service. Victims wire money only to discover later that the checks bounce and that they are responsible for repaying the bank.

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They contact victims via phone, snail mail, email, and the Internet, among other methods. Such as gain your trust and then, once you’re hook, they ask for money, which they take and flee with. Although they change the scenarios they use to entice you in on a regular basis. However, you can protect yourself and your love ones by becoming familiar with the most common types of fraud.

1. You receive a check and are ask to send a portion of the money back for what seems to be a legitimate reason, but the check is fake
2. You’re contacted for a job opportunity to send money using a money transfer service and evaluate it.
3. You receive a check for a sum greater than the agreed-upon amount and are instruct to return the funds via money transfer, but the check is forge.
4. You’ve accepted a job offer and have been asked to send money for it.
5. You receive a check and are ask to return a portion of the funds for what appears to be a valid reason, but the check is fake.

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To appear legitimate, scammers pose as representatives from phony loan companies and use authentic-looking documents, emails, and websites. They collect “fees” before making loans. Consumers pay, but the loans are never fulfill. Scammers have long since vanished, and they frequently change the names of their “businesses” in order to avoid detection by law enforcement.

This is a type of scam known as the “advance fee” or “prepayment” scam. Scammers can also entice victims into paying a fee in exchange for promises of investments or inheritance gifts. But it all boils down to the same thing: victims pay money in the hopes of receiving something more valuable in return, only to receive little or nothing in return.

We Create Awareness To Protect You From Fraud Checks And Scams In 6 Ways

Fraud Checks and  scams can be avoid in a variety of ways, including protecting yourself, your love ones, and your business. Keeping people inform about how criminals are attempting to profit from the global health crisis is critical to reducing vulnerability.

1. Unverified Sender

Be wary of emails purporting to be from experts with critical information about the virus. Do not open attachments or click links from unknown or unverified senders.

2. Controls for Detectives

Any breaches or incidents should not be dismiss because they could indicate a larger problem. In the event of a cyber-attack, look into the source.

3. Phony Online Store

Be wary of bogus online stores that accept non-traditional forms of payment such as money orders, wire transfers, gift cards, or cryptocurrency.

4. Transferring Money

Before donating to any charities or crowd-funding campaigns, do your homework. Any company, charity, or individual soliciting donations in cash, through the mail, via wire transfer, or through other unusual channels should be avoid. Keep up with the latest scams involving COVID-19.

5. Preventive Technology

Make sure your anti-malware and anti-virus software is up to date on all of your devices. Freeware should not be install on IT systems because it may contain hide malware/trojans. Secure Wi-Fi hotspots and broadband connections are use to connect to the internet.

6. Differences

Look for irregularities in email addresses from sources claiming to have information on COVID-19, such as spelling errors or symbols. Fraudsters frequently use addresses that are only slightly different from those of the entities they are impersonating. Therefore you have to be careful from this type of fraud

Conclusion For Fraud Checks and Scams Consultation

The most effective way to uncover false truths on  resumes or different businesses  is to conduct thorough background checks and verifications. Reputable background screening companies, such as, train their employees to be meticulous in the verification process and to spot diploma mills. Performing this highly beneficial procedure could save your company from the unfortunate – and costly – consequences of fraud.

Scams and Fraud Checks that the encounters, as well as prevention tips to help you avoid becoming a victim

We detect business fraud when it is commit by an individual or a company in a dishonest or illegal manner with the intent of gaining financial gain for the perpetrator.

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