Registration And Certificate Check Services In Bangladesh

In recent times, due to the lack of registration and certificate check, a lot of scams have surfaced where people use fake certificates and documents for getting a job or admission abroad. As soon as reduce the issuance of fake educational documents, it has now become mandatory to get your educational certificates verified by the university where it was issued. A verified educational certificate ensures that the applicant has indeed completed his or her education at the mentioned university.

Moreover, Hedge BD assists in verifying unemployed person registration and certificate, NID, and birth certificate registrations.

Keep Your Company Secured With 6 Reliable  Registration And Certificate Check Services

Nonetheless, education is a significant factor in hiring for most types of jobs. When deciding between multiple candidates, the type of degree or credential earned, as well as the educational institution attended, can make a difference. One of the reasons why a thorough education verification and registration and certificate check is so important is because of this. A comprehensive verification: Whenever you need to verify a teaching certificate or other credentials for background verification.
1. Academic Certificate

Confirms that the claimed academic certificate, diploma, or being that degree was earned by the applicant.

2. Investigators

Delegating labor-intensive screening tasks to a professional investigators, the hiring process is shortened and also cost cut.

3. Better Experience

Candidates for employment have a better experience because they know what to expect from the confirmation process.

4. International Institute effectively verifies credentials from internationally recognized educational institutions.

5. Fake Authorizations

We expose to our clients any forged credentials through obtained from diploma mills and another dubious businesses.

6. Costly Errors

Our service reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes that result in as much as poor hires or bad recruitment process.

Feel Confident With Our Employee Registration And Certificate Verification Services

Registration Verification Services

Credential Verification investigators need the candidate’s full name, date of birth, and Social Security number to conduct a thorough registration and certificate check. We also use information provided by the candidate, such as the institution’s name, city, and state, dates of attendance, and credentials earned. Our investigators will also need to know if the candidate used a different name while at the educational institution.

We need the following information to confirm professional licensing credentials:

1. The name of the organization that issued the credential, as well as the type and number of the license.

  1. The state in which it was issued, as well as the date of issuance and the date of expiration
  2. An educational institution may refuse to release information on a candidate in exceptional circumstances.
  3. If this occurs, our investigators can examine a copy of the candidate’s diploma, degree, or credential to confirm their educational background.
  4. Many employers are discovering that an increasing number of their employees are international. can confirm educational information from colleges, universities, and other organizations around the world, whether candidates currently live in a country other than Bangladesh or have studied abroad.
  5. Our business screening service is familiar with the complexities of working with foreign institutions and can deliver the results you need.

Registration and certificate Check

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh established the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET) in as an attached department of the then Ministry of Manpower Development and Social Welfare with the specific purpose of meeting the country’s manpower requirements as well as for manpower export. BMET is in charge of the overall planning and implementation of the country’s manpower utilization strategies. It is in charge of registering unemployed people and directing them to open positions.

We are covering all of the major points required by the party requesting verification is the most important requirement in proving your employment. Your Full Name, Job Title, Dates of Employment, and Rate of Pay (Salary/Hourly Wage) are usually the most important details to include. Consider sending them a request for a Letter of Employment via Hedge BD if the party requesting your information does so manually, as our service automates the verification process on their end and can speed up requests like yours in the future

Save Your Time & Money With Online Certificate Verification Process:

The verification of candidate qualifications, including the education certificate, becomes a critical stage in the recruitment process. Consider how much time is spent on verification alone if a company receives hundreds of job applications per month, when a recruitment specialist can do so much more, such as conducting prospective employee interviews.  Hedge BD offers an automated education degree verification method (education verification) available through an online platform, where recruiters can request the verification of candidates’ certificates.

1. Applicants may be graduates of universities throughout Bangladesh and abroad. The verification of education is done on a global scale. Recruiters can concentrate more on their primary task of interviewing candidates to fill open positions rather than wasting time looking up the intended agency’s website, phone number, or fax number.
2. It saves money on recruitment fees by avoiding bad hires.
3. Information security, as the platform is encrypted.
4. Online and automated services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so users can get verification results with clear deadlines (TAT)
5. Time zone differences and related institution check-in times may be a hindrance. As a result, online verification is the most effective method.

Get Roadmap To Select Right Employees With 3 Registration and Certificate Services

Registration process and Certificate checks verifying a candidate’s education is an important step in selecting the best candidate for a position within a company. Accordingly, education verifications confirm that your candidate holds the diploma or degree claimed, highlighting their qualifications and potentially revealing information about their honesty and integrity. Verification Specialists double-check degree information by calling the institution directly or reaching out to a third-party provider.



High school diplomas, GEDs, trade certificates, and degrees must all be authenticated.



Confirms the candidate’s dates of attendance and degree type, as well as major course of study.



To further demonstrate the applicant’s level of performance, transcripts can be purchased.

Conclusion For Employee Certificate Verification Services

Hiring the incorrect candidate for a job can be a costly mistake. Recruiting and also training an employee can cost thousands of dollars, all in all of which are wasted if the candidate is a poor fit for your company. Bad hires can harm your team’s morale and your company’s reputation in ways that are irreversible. You can be confident that you have accurate, validated information on every job candidate when you work with with the registration process and certificate service.

We’re confident we can meet the employment registration And Certificate Check needs of your business helps you manage the complexity of employment registration and certificate screening at scale.

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