Insurance Claims Verification To Secure Against False Claims provides verification services to protect your company by checking the legitimacy of insurance claims. In order to prevent fraudulent activity, our team of highly skilled investigators works directly with our customers to undertake insurance claims investigations. We employ a variety of investigating techniques to assist insurance firms globally in reducing their exposure to fraudulent claims. Moreover, we provide you with a platform for many various parts of an investigation, which play an essential role in tracing the proceeds of major economic crime and corruption.

We Ensure 3 Premium Insurance Claim Verification Services For Clients uses comprehensive inquiry and utilizes extensive knowledge of our service providers to determine the validity of insurance claims


Certified Source is a certified source for all business sizes to provide the most accurate and also authentic screening services meant to protect your company against false claims.


Assurance Partner

We focus on safeguarding your business interests by implementing modern, comprehensive analytical research and also compliance tools to surely your organization is secure.


Experience Turnover

Our service providers are part of an extensive network of experienced researchers. At the same time producing accurate results with streamline methods, ensuring your business growth

Insurance Screening

During insurance screening, the claimant will be interview and ask to provide any and all known relevant records, list the risks that may be present. Further details may need to be provide, for example, in case of medical insurance the claimant will be ask to undergo medical tests such as blood and urine testing. All these are use to identify risks that could arise leading to complications in insurance claims.

Expert Consultants On Your Insurance Claims Matters

Our service providers are experts on insurance matters and also will conduct thorough investigations of claims suspected to be fraudulent or dubious for any reason. Accordingly, has an extensive network of service providers capable of tracking down information. At the same time we checking the validity of a myriad of circumstances that may be use to make claims. Some of our services include:

1. Verification of suspicious claims of death
2. Locating and questioning witnesses
3. Authenticating claims of past employments
4. Checking Medical History
5. Investigating background of Claimant

Get 4 Approaches Of Our Insurance Claim Verification Services

Insurance Claims Verification

Insurance Claims

Health Insurance claims verification are design to mitigate the costs for claimant’s medical care. A claimant might come into situations where they have to make a claim after that goes against their policy, due to planned/unplanned hospitalizations.

There are two ways such a claim may be raise:

  • Cashless claims – where the medical expense is settle with the hospital directly, al well as given the hospital is part of the policy network.
  • Reimbursement claims- where the claimant pays the hospital, and then files reimbursements with the insurer.

In case of reimbursement claims, the claimant might make fraudulent claims where the hospitalization record is fake or the amount shown is inflate. Our service providers can investigate and recognize these false claims.

Confidently Choose Us For 6 Insurance Claims Eligibility Verification Services

At, we ensure that our well train service providers, experienced with a variety of insurance claims across various firms. And also industries provide the most thorough, streamline service possible.

1. Cost Effective Rates

We provide quality service for highly cost-effective rates, while ensuring our services cut down on your overhead costs ensuring you save both time and expense when employing our services.

2. Insurance Data Security

We have state-of-the-art, advanced security to surely that all the claimant’s, and our client’s data are safe with us. We take the as much as care in protecting your interests and also reducing risks of data breaches.

3.Billing technology

We use advanced billing technologies and tools to calculate accurate results, and also our staff are trained in the use of a myriad. Another relevant tools to ensure they may switch their workflow.

4. Accurate Verification employs the use of a multitude of tools and techniques to ensure that our verification. And also calculation processes are accurate and not prone to errors.

5. Quick Turnaround Time

We provide fast, efficient and streamlined verification services, so that there are no unnecessary delays between a claim being made and it being reimbursed.

6. Robust Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is state-of-the-art, ensuring our workflow is quick, accurate and reliable, while the whole architecture being secure against attacks and service losses.

Conclusion For Insurance Claims Verification Services utilizes its expert insurance claims investigators to surely fairness and validity in the insurance claims being made. Our services cover a wide range of insurance types. And such as our methods are diverse as well. A thorough investigation is made using streamlined methods, so that a report is delivered to you fast, so you may make a fair judgment of the situation without delay.

Hassle-Free Insurance Claims And Dedicated Support

Our service providers are there to investigate insurance claims thoroughly, presenting you with a thorough report so you may make the final decision based on facts, without costing you time.

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