Ensure Quality Management And Control With Our Financial Regulatory Check Services

Our pre-employment financial regulatory checks ensure you hire candidates for important roles with complete ease of mind and security.

 Well-Designed 3 Financial Regulatory Checks For Our Clients

Get the right person for the job, with our financial regulatory screening, ensuring you hire your desired candidate for management roles. And also without the risk of compliance issues.


Rapid Turnaround Time

Our services are design to provide the fastest and also most efficient financial background screening. So that you can go through the hiring process without much cost to time while maintaining quality.


Quality Management

Intensive background checks surely your candidates are suitable for financial service roles in compliance. With all relevant government authorities, protecting the quality and industry standards.


Expert support

Hedge.com.bd service providers are experts in financial laws and surely the checks take into consideration the most reliable. And also accurate up to date regulatory laws so you always hire the right candidate for your company.

Directorship or business interest checks investigates the candidate’s interests in other businesses that might cause a conflict of interest in the role they applied for. This is to ensure at that time candidates being hire into higher management roles. Such as directors and managers do not have business motives detrimental to your own. The checks usually takes into consideration:

  • Any companies they have been involve in.
  • Positions hold at previous companies.
  • Dates in which they were appoint.

Simpler Credit And Financial Regulatory Checks With Fast Results

Financial Regulatory Investigation with credit checks should be an integral part of your hiring process. Such as it helps you understand the financial context of the candidate. It, therefore, reduces the risk a person under financial strain can cause for your company. And also protects your company from potential regulatory or compliance claims centered around the candidate. Our service providers ensure that these background checks are extensive while maintaining a fast, streamlined process so as to not disrupt your recruitment process. Some benefits of utilizing our services include:

1. Stronger hiring decisions for senior, technical or financially-sensitive positions.
2. Streamline hiring while ensuring quality
3. Save expenses in both time and resources

Our 6 Financial Regulatory Checks To  Protect Your Business

Our services provide a vast range of checks surely that the person you’re hiring is fit for the job and has no undesirable credit records.

1. Disqualified Register

Check against relevant registers to ensure the candidate has not been disqualified from undertaking a role in any deposit-taking, general insurance or superannuation industries.

2. Licensees Register

After that the candidate has the relevant license for certain financial roles. Some roles may require candidates to be check against registers as authorize representatives

3. Anti-Money Laundering

Anti Money Laundering checks ensure that the candidate has no history of illegally obtaining funds and then claiming them as legal income,  and as such is likely to do so again.

4. Financial Probity Check

Involves a check against financial and also legal records surely that the candidate meets the regulatory requirements of working in certain relevant industries.

5. Bankruptcy Check

Checks the candidates financial records and credit history, hence getting an idea into their sense of financial management skills and responsibility.

6. Business Interests

Our Financial Regulatory Verification service checks whether the candidate has any existing or previous business interests that might conflict with your own.

 Get 4 Different Aspects Of Our Financial Regulatory Checks

Financial Regulatory Check Services in Bangladesh

Check For Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations Check can now be use to see if a candidate has been in charge of Financially Regulate activities.

The following information is included in our Financial Regulations Checks:

  1. Has the candidate been in charge of financially regulate activities
  2. Determines whether an individual has been subject to disciplinary action by the Financial Regulatory Authority.
  3. Whether the candidate has been sanction financially by a country or countries.

Conclusion For Financial Regulatory Checks

Hedge.com.bd has as long as track record of helping customers in the financial services sector to secure the best quality applicants. Thanks to our variety of financial regulated checks, background screening and pre-employment screening facilities. Than before you hire a candidate for a regulated position, our team of experts will thoroughly investigate and screen them. Surely that they are qualified for a financial services position, for example, in accordance with Bangladeshi government regulations

Customers And Candidates Can Get Immediate, On-Demand Assistance Whenever And Wherever They Need It.

Smart and tailored financial regulatory checks assist you in quickly gathering the information you need to make informed decisions.

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