Why A Serviced Office Space Is As Important As Ever? 

We have compiled a list of the reasons why physical serviced office space is still crucial in order to aid any company owner in deciding whether to have an office or not.

A method to concurrently optimize all three of these factors is through the use of serviced offices, which are a flexible, affordable, and practical alternative to the traditional workplace.

In answer to the above question “ Why A Serviced Office Space Is Impportant As Ever?”

The maintenance of the office space and a variety of business services, including as reception and phone answering services, secretarial assistance, conference and meeting facilities, and others, are handled by serviced office providers.

A normal office leasing search may be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Serviced offices, also known as flexible workplaces, give companies the ability to establish a presence anywhere quickly and affordably.

To get more ideas about the issues may face and the solutions go ahead!

Who are serviced offices suitable for?

Flexibility is arguably the most important feature of a serviced office renting scheme. Managed serviced office owners provide short-term contracts with durations ranging from one week to more than a year.

Serviced offices are a great workplace option for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups because to their versatility. The best part is that serviced offices may offer a work environment that adapts swiftly to changes in the number of employees.

Serviced offices are also perfect for existing businesses who have started operations in a new location or for professional businesses that depend on regional partnerships with businesses in the same industry.

The Value Of Selecting The Correct Office Facility

These days, more and more business owners opt to rent a serviced office space instead of buying a structure to operate from.

Serviced offices are the first choice since there are a lot of advantages to doing this, like getting a completely furnished place and having more financial freedom.

1. First impressions Will Be Influenced By Your Office.

This is among the most crucial justifications for why you should put in the effort to choose the ideal serviced office space for your business. 

The location of your office and even your new company address will have a direct impact on how people perceive your company.

2.The Office Space Will Affect Your Productivity   

The improper serviced office space decision might really have a detrimental impact on the productivity of your staff.

Your team has to be able to work without being distracted, so the space you hire needs to be large enough for everyone to fit in.

3. A Workspace Has The Potential To Limit Your Success

Ideally, you should select a serviced office keeping in mind both your present needs and potential future expansion. Finding a furnished workplace that can not only accommodate all of your demands right away but also change with you over time is crucial.

4. Your Workplace Will Impact The  Employees’  Wellbeing 

Your workers’ feelings, while they are at work, will be impacted by factors like the office layout and furnishings, as well as the lighting and temperature of the workplace. 

This might even lead to changes in morale. Think genuinely about what it would be like to work there before selecting a serviced office space.

The Correct Serviced Office Facility

Approx. Pricings Of Serviced Office Space (According To Hours)

Time Duration  Pricings 
One Hour BDT. 3000-5000
Two Hours BDT 5500-8000
Five Hours BDT 8500-12,000
12 hours BDT 12,500- 15,000
24 hours to onwards Starts From BDT 16,000

This pricings usually varies based on the locations, facilities and others services.

Market Growth Rate Of Serviced Office Industry

Market Growth Rate Of Serviced Office Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long of a commitment must I make, and do I need to give any cancellation notice?

Ans: Eicra offers a minimum licensing agreement of three months, with a one-month cancellation notice required at the conclusion of the period. All of our clients can rest easy knowing there are no long-term leases or other commitments, and the agreements are brief and flexible.

2. How big are the serviced offices that you offer?

Ans: Our serviced offices come in sizes ranging from two to twelve people. Depending on availability and the demands of the customer, we provide the choice of upgrading or shrinking. We also have a shared office space available for our single users.

3. What is included in the monthly rent for a serviced office?

Ans: All elements of your office suite are included in your monthly office rental because our serviced offices are fully managed. Here is a complete list of the services offered as part of the monthly office rental:

  • Rates in General & the Environment
  • Building Maintenance and Insurance
  • Charges for heating, lighting, and power
  • Telephone System, Handset Included
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Office Executive Furniture
  • Daily Office Suite Cleaning
  • Telephone Answering under your company name Taking messages when you’re away from the office Mail Handling
  • Continuous CCTV
  • Free on-site gym On-site cafe Picnic and meeting spaces
  • Disabled parking and free car parking
  1. What city are the serviced offices located in?

Ans: Most of Dhaka’s most desirable locales are home to our offices. We are near to all the necessary places and have great access to public transportation. We are strategically located to save you from having to spend your daily commute in congested traffic.

5. Why choose you over any other serviced office provider?

Ans: Our business offers each customer a customized service based on their unique needs, using years of expertise from a skilled staff of receptionists, administrative support, and management employees. With a coffee shop on-site, peaceful meeting rooms, free parking, and on-site IT & telecom assistance, we focus completely on giving our clients a 5 star experience while assuring lots of flexibility, stability, and affordable pricing.


Typically, serviced office buildings also house a large number of other businesses. Business executives can now sometimes cross paths, creating a brand-new networking opportunity! 

A maintenance warranty is included with your new office space. You have more benefits from signing a leasing agreement than just a new set of desks for your team to use. Additionally, a team of individuals who will keep your place tidy will be delivered to you.

For you, we are prepared to design that networking strategy. So get in touch with us right now to order the best serviced office from us.

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