Is it possible to make a Serviced Business Profitable

A serviced business is a fully furnished and maintained office or office building that is rented out to other businesses by a facilities management firm, sometimes known as an official provider.

The cost of breaking a lease early, as well as the expenditures of locating and shifting premises, is not cheap. That increases the total square footage you estimated by 10% to 20% to account for future expansion.

More businesses are using flexible office space alternatives like small office space for rent and serviced offices as an alternative to traditional office space.

Present Condition Of Serviced Business Sector

From 2021 to 2028, the worldwide serviced office market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 10.8%. The increase in the number of start-ups and small businesses choosing serviced offices as an economical choice with variable lease terms and extended leases providing stability will be the main driver of this expansion.


The type of office you desire, as well as the location and size of the space, will decide this. Special facilities have an impact on monthly expenses as well. In the United States, the average cost of office space is between $8 and $23 per square foot.

Key Arguments:

1. Typically, a serviced office provider will assist business center owners and facility management firms in finding to rent office space. 

2. Serviced office management companies are in charge of maintaining the facilities and facilitating commercial property rentals.

3. Flexible leases can provide organizations ease of rental space for business, allowing them to grow up or down as needed and providing safe office space for remote workers all over the world.

Issues That Can Be Faced In The Serviced Office Space

1. Amenities: The amenities are the core part of the serviced business. The facilities have a great impact on the serviced office space. The cheap office space can lack these facilities and the impact will be on work. 

2. Location:  If the location is not in the center or convenient for the employees then there would be a problem for clients, employees, etc. For some reason, the location should be carefully chosen to rent office space. 

3. Lack of personalization: It’s possible that you won’t be allowed to have your logo displayed on the inside and outside of the building. Customers may see an unbranded commercial property rental as unprofessional.

4. License agreements: In certain circumstances, if there are no license agreements then the owner can’t relocate the rental space for business even though there may be some legal problems too. 

5. More expensive in the long term: While the monthly cost for a rental space for business is often greater than that of a regular office, you are not locked into a 3- to 5-year contract for an empty office space that you must equip and maintain yourself.

How To Avoid The Issues For A Serviced Office

1. Location: The location should be selected in the following ways:

2. Employees also require a central location to work from, even if it is a rental space for business. It will be tough to find good stuff if you go too far.

3. For meetings, clients need to be able to get to your office swiftly. Choose a strategic location for your serviced business.

It should be equally an easier destination for both employees and clients.

2. Amenities: Before commercial property rental the owner should take care of every benefit. The amenities should include 

2.1 The reception services of small office space for rent include phone answering, franking, and mailing.

2.2 Strong technology setup in the office.

2.3 The washroom facilities for females and males separately.

2.4 The kitchen and an extra space in the rent office space.

2.5 Banks, restaurants, and post offices should be near.

It is better to avoid the cheap office space as they will not have these particular amenities.

3. Planned way arrangements: The arrangements of displaying the logo inside and outside of the rent office space should be done in a planned way that can solve the problem of lack of personalization.

4. License agreements: The license agreements should be done at first to avoid any sorts of legal problems. And shifting the serviced business or the rent office space would be easier. 

5. More expensive in the long term: It’s best to work in a serviced office for shorter periods of time to save time and resources that may be better spent growing your business. 

6. Avoid the cheap office space: In any circumstances, it is better to avoid the cheap coworking space. Because in the long run, the owner will have to suffer a lot also the employees. 


Pro-tip: When selecting a commercial property rental and the style of environment you want to create in leasing space for a company, foresight and flexibility are essential.

Who Can Use The Serviced Office Space

1. Entrepreneurs should go for small office space for rent 

2. Businesses expanding in the new markets should go for commercial property rental

3. Project-based groups.

4. Business going through the way of growth. 

How We Provide You  Serviced Office

In a typical workplace, you’re bound by a lease and must purchase all of your office furniture and communication equipment. Shared office spaces that you pay for as you use them are known as services offices.

1. We offer IT help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Our service is available at all times and in all locations.

3. We have a global information technology network.

4. Business WiFi is a must-have for any company.

5. Your network will be monitored 24/7. 

We work with these three forms to satisfy your demands for a serviced office . We always give priority to your choice.

Bottom line

Serviced offices provide a unique chance to network and cross-sell with a range of other firms that use the same space. Many start-ups and small firms on the cusp of fast development will demand the flexibility to expand overnight without having to relocate to new office space.

We make every attempt to meet your needs and select the ideal serviced office for you, from smart serviced offices to ordinary serviced offices. So Contact Us Today  to start focusing on your business.

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