Why People Thrive In Coworking Office

We can define coworking space as the sharing of office space by (usually) self-employed, independent individuals who want to work together in a communal, collaborative atmosphere rather than in a traditional employee-only workplace.

Experience the collaborative and dynamic environment of a coworking office space. Join a vibrant community of professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, enjoying shared amenities, networking opportunities, and the flexibility to work on your terms.

Unlike typical office rentals, coworking office space frequently includes the use of associated services/equipment such as office chairs and desks. Wi-Fi/internet connection etc.  


The worldwide coworking space or shared office space market is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.9% from $13.60 billion in 2021 to $16.17 billion in 2022.

The increase of self-employment has resulted in a surge in demand for shared workspace, especially among millennials working in digital firms.

In 2018, the number of coworking offices increased by 16% in the United States and 36% worldwide.

Principle Points,

1. A growing startup firm might benefit from the flexibility of coworking space. It’s as easy as adding more memberships to accommodate more staff.

2. Individuals or groups can hire desks or entire offices in shared office space. The coworking office is managed by a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO.

3. The coworking space, unlike typical offices, includes members who work for a variety of firms, enterprises, and projects, allowing for more networking opportunities.

How Coworking Space Can Be Profitable: Pros

1. Provides Amenities: The coworking office space includes all of the amenities you’ll need, like a dependable internet connection, office equipment, and furnished meeting rooms. 

2. A sense of community: Joining a shared office space community allows you to connect with other professionals, discuss ideas, and support other businesses. 

3. Networking opportunity: The ability to meet new people is one of the most essential benefits of a shared workspace. If you operate from home or in an independent office, you could miss out on this opportunity.

4. Flexibility: The lease arrangements for this coworking office are quite flexible. You can break free from your own bubble by exposing yourself and your employees to new ideas.

5. More Job control: A coworking space is usually open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When faced with a deadline or the need to demonstrate progress, people might choose to work long hours. 

Things To Avoid While Renting Coworking Office Space: Cons

1. Too many distractions: You won’t have control over other firms’ meetings, the number of people on the phone, or someone at an adjacent workstation in a coworking office space.

2. Limited Space: You’ll have alternatives for the sort of space you obtain depending on whatever shared office space you join. Noise and privacy issues might arise when there is a lack of space.

3. Considerable restrictions: In a shared workspace there are different restrictions that are mandatory to be followed by all the employees. 

4. Cheap infrastructure: The space with poor infrastructure and facilities can come over all the benefits of the coworking office. The infrastructure should be standard. 

5. Personality conflicts: There will obviously be some tension in a coworking space with any number of individuals. Maybe it’s a personality conflict, or maybe it’s just a lack of room.

6. Competition under the same roof: There could be some clash regarding clients or other subjects and the competition under the same roof will be a con for the companies working in coworking office space. 


Approximate Pricing For Coworking Space

The pricing for a coworking space may vary on various factors. For example, the location, the working hours, the number of employees, the floor space etc. Also the serviced office can be a factor for increasing or decreasing in the pricing. 

  Coworking Space Type Price Range
1. Basic ones 1. Starts from BDT 5000 
2. Medium range ones 2. Starts from BDT 7000
3. Premium 3. Starts from BDT10,000

Coworking Space V/S Serviced Office Space

Coworking Space Serviced Office Space
1. Community events: Community events are organized in coworking spaces. 1. No such events are organized in the serviced office space.
2. Privacy: The privacy needs to be compromised in a coworking office space. 2. There is more privacy in serviced office space than coworking space. 
3. Environment: Coworking spaces are typically populated by young individuals who are a touch rowdy and have a lot of energy. 3. The environment is comparatively serious in the serviced office space
4. Extra space: Small rooms at coworking spaces might be used for a brief snooze or other activities. 4. Larger organizations use serviced offices, which do not provide such services.


1. Estimate the space you need for your employees and company when you are renting office space. More space will make cost adjustment a problem and less space will be a problem for privacy and to do work. 

2.  Make sure about all the included amenities while renting a shared office space. Providing a fully functioning facility with contemporary amenities may make a huge impact for your staff.

3. Remember to thoroughly analyze the conditions of your lease before renting a shared office space. Stay away from the legal snares.

Benefits For You From A Coworking office

1. Getting new opportunities

2. Less loneliness

3. Remote access

4. Manageable cost

5. Improve in productivity

We Provide The Best Services

1. Perfect Location: We provide co-working space in excellent Dhaka city locations, surrounded by workplaces, restaurants, and residential areas, while also taking into account your specific requirements.

2. Well-developed facilities: Our services are far more comprehensive than what is generally offered. We assist our clients in selecting the ideal coworking office space by beginning the business background screening process in order to give the best.

3. Manageable rental condition: We are always able to provide shared workspace in the size that our clients want. We never irritate them by going against their expectations.

4. Coordinate easily: Our personnel will act as a call center for your company and answer your clients’ messages.

We Are Here For You

The concept of a long-term commercial lease might be intimidating, especially for someone who is just starting out in a new enterprise or freelancing alone, but there are office alternatives available that should be considered. To get the answers, you’ll need an expert to advise you on what’s best for you. Please contact us right away if you want to hire the greatest coworking space. We provide the services of specialists.

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