Serviced Office Better Than The Conventional Office Space: Agree or Disagree

A serviced office, also known as a managed office or a business center, is a workplace that is pre-furnished, with internet and phone lines already connected, and equipment already installed. The small office space for rent has been a popular alternative among small company owners and single traders, especially after the epidemic.

The average cost per private office desk increased by 10.5% to £431 in the six months through June 2021, compared to the same time in 2020, owing to rebounding demand.

Serviced office management companies are in charge of maintaining the facilities and welcoming enterprises of a rent office space. Spaces may be arranged for the optimum outcomes.

Key Arguments:

1. 85% of remote workers want their employers to implement hybrid office working and temporary office space after the pandemic.  

2. As remote and online working methods have become more common, businesses have been increasingly hesitant to use highly contractual and flexible office space. 

3. When looking for office space to rent, sole traders, start-ups, and small businesses are increasingly selecting serviced offices because that is a suitable match for a new and expanding business.

Serviced Office V/S Conventional Office

Serviced Office Conventional Office
1. Ready-to-use: The serviced offices offer on-demand, ready-to-use office solutions that include secretarial services, IT support, and building management. 1. In the case of a conventional office,  long-term planning for decoration and arranging of furniture are required. 
2. Amenities: When taking a small office for rent all the amenities necessary may not be there.  2. The conventional office space is customized so the amenities will be available as demanded. 
3. Part of mismanagement:  By offering a smooth consultancy service, the temporary office space alleviates the worry of missing a deadline or arranging an office. 3. When relocating to a traditional office, the task of relocating is usually delegated to a company employee. This can result in tension and, in the worst-case scenario, missing deadlines.
4. Flexibility: Companies have the freedom to take whatever space they need at the moment for flexible office space, with the ability to grow or contract as needed. 4. Moving into this space takes weeks rather than months in traditional offices, and all facilities, fit-outs, and furnishings are included in a single monthly rate.
5. Dealing: You will solely interact with the provider rather than the landlord directly when looking for office space to rent.  5. The conventional office space needs a lots of paperwork to do for legal issues also with interaction with the landlord directly. 

What Makes The Serviced Office Suitable And Beneficial 

1. Temporary office space agreements: Unlike a standard office lease, which is often for several years, a temporary office space agreement might be for much shorter periods of time.

2. Entrance to new markets: Business centers and serviced office space can be found just about anywhere, providing entrepreneurs with a choice of possibilities for setting up shop. You may easily gain access to new markets by using a rent office space.

3. Availability: The average serviced office or small office space for rent is accessible on short notice, allowing businesses with tight deadlines to meet their needs while being cost-effective.

4. A greater degree of affordability and reduced startup costs: The financial resources of a flexible office space tenant may be restricted, especially if the firm is still in its early stages. There are a number of advantages for these renters in terms of securing low-cost office space.

5. Professional support team: A fully managed reception crew can help with call answering, welcoming clients, and any other administrative tasks your company may require when looking for office space to rent.

Pro-tip: Keep your serviced office’s security and accessibility in mind. You should look at the building’s safety and security systems including the criminal record check of employees, as well as how you may get into the office space after hours.

Approximate Price Range For Serviced Office Rental

It’s critical to grasp all of the aspects at play while looking for low-cost space. As an example, consider the following:

1. Serviced Office 1 is a four-person office that costs £500 per month per person, totaling £2000 per month.

2. Serviced Office 2 is a four-person office that costs £600 per month per person, totaling £2400 per month.

Growing rate: From 2021 to 2030, the worldwide serviced office market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 10.8%. The increase in the number of start-ups and small businesses choosing for serviced offices as an economical choice with variable lease terms.


We Provide The Best Service For You

The serviced office exudes a sense of professionalism. While you focus on your core business, we’ll hunt for flexible office space for you. We provide services to satisfy your needs by locating the ideal serviced office for your company. In everything we do, we strive to be quick and dependable.

1. We provide IT support 24/7.

2. Surveillance of your network is carried out on a regular basis.

3. We have a global information technology network.

4. WiFi for business is a must-have for any firm.

5. Everywhere, our seamless service is available.

Grow With Us

We make every effort to fulfill your demands and choose the best serviced office for you, whether it’s a smart serviced office or a standard serviced office. So contact us immediately to put your company first and avoid the headaches of renting flexible office space.

Serviced office spaces offer a convenient and flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. These fully furnished and equipped spaces provide a professional and ready-to-use environment without the hassle of setting up and managing an office.

The comprehensive range of amenities and services, including reception support, IT infrastructure, and administrative assistance, allows companies to focus on their core activities and increase productivity.

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