Necessities and procedure of employee background verification

Employee background verification is important for any and every organisation. This verification process includes various points like, address verification, educational certificates verification, criminal records verification etc. 

Conducting background check is to secure the information from other reliable sources other than the applicants. An employee may be unfit for a position instead of having a good educational background because of his criminal records in the past.

60% of the applicant pool will be reduced if the pre-employment screening process is applied.

Focus points:

1. Eight out of hundred candidates misinformed or misled on the job application in 2020.

2. The IT sector has witnessed the highest falling rate of employee background verification at 16.60 percent.

3. Candidates between the age 35 to 39 years have a 9.09 percent discrepancy rate which is the highest.

4 Reasons to do the employee verification:

1. Safety purpose: Security and safety for the company hiring employees is necessary for the company and the other employees working at that particular company. Various problems like sexual harrassment, reputaional issue of the employee can be a loss for the company. 

2. Improved quality of hires:Almost 52% of the employee background verification is done to improve the quality hires. The background verification says whether the employee’s past performance is strong enough for hiring that particular for the position.

3. To maximise productivity: A company’s profit or loss depends on the employee’s skills and performance. A reference check can help to identify true and skilled employees. 

4. Uncertainty in the hiring process: Uncertain situations may arise if the hiring process does not include the background check of the employees. This can protect a company from any direct or indirect cost resulting from being negligent in hiring.

5. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements: Many industries have legal and regulatory requirements for employee screening and verification. By conducting thorough employee verification, organizations can ensure compliance with these obligations and avoid legal and reputational consequences.

How to Check on the Employees: 5 Process

The employee background verification can be done through different steps:

1. Driving record check: With the permission of the applicants the driving record check can be done as a part of the employee background check. Driving record check includes, proper and updated driving licence, drunk driving records, road accidents etc.

2. Educational background verification:Verifying the educational background certificates should be done by confirming an applicant’s form for a post. Various screening tools are used to verify the educational background of the applicants that is one of the main points for profile verification of the employees. 

3. Verification of the Identity card: The identity card provided to the citizens from the state or country proves his identity from the state which is the most reliable source. For example: In Bangladesh the applicants must submit a copy of their “National ID card” along with the other details or the documents.

4. Previous employment check: This is one of the important points to make a complete employee verification. The reasons for the applicant leaving the job, his previous work performance of that particular workplace, his behaviour with the co-workers etc. will certify a part of the verification.

5. Others: The other process of the employee history verification includes, medical certificate to assure that the applicant is healthy to serve for the company, bank statements but not very only ones, property check etc. 

Best Ways to Know About the Process 

There are many websites that can be helpful for performing the process to precheck the employment history. Websites of our website can be very helpful for both parties.

For example: when an employee wants to apply he would know what are the documents he should provide and what not and why the authentic documents are important to submit.

Again for the hirers of our website  will also be helpful as they would know what verification should be made for the applicants and how it should be done.  

Some important points to remember:

  1. Corporations can hire a third party agency to do the verification test of the applicants.
  2. No details other than the criminal records before 7 years should be taken.
  3. Private information should not be shared publicly even for the verification process. 
  4. Before doing any type of employment verification check the applicants should be informed because of their privacy issues.
  5. Instead of being referred to by any known person the background of the employee should be cross-checked.

To Conclude 

For the sake of the company’s name and fame, the first advantage of employment verification of the employee is a necessary and important step to complete a safe and secured hiring process.HedgeBangla will always be helpful for you to know more about this purpose.

By verifying the credentials, qualifications, and background of job applicants, employers can establish trust, credibility, and maintain a safe work environment. It helps mitigate potential risks associated with fraudulent or misleading information, ensuring the hiring of qualified and trustworthy individuals.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is also facilitated through thorough employee verification. Additionally, the practice protects the company’s reputation by preventing instances of misconduct and dishonesty that could harm the organization’s image. Overall, employee background verification is an essential step in making informed hiring decisions and building a reliable and responsible workforce.

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