Employment Verification For Business

Sample Job Posting

Provided below is a sample job description for a Mention position.


Position Title: Mention Position

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Duration: full-time, part-time, contract

Salary Range: optional

Company Background:

In this section, inform the candidate about your company. If possible, include the following:

  • Primary activities 
  • Headquarters, offices, and worldwide reach 
  • Headquarters, offices, and worldwide reach 
  • Number of workers 
  • Awards, recognition, or rating 
  • Ethical, social, and environmental commitments 
  • Previous links to Sauder, including prior hires 
  • Company quotations or taglines 
  • Corporate Website

Position Summary:

In this section, write a brief description of the position while keeping the following questions in mind:

  • What is the candidate’s function in the organization?
  • What contribution do you want them to make?
  • What are they going to be working on?


Create a brief description of the position’s key responsibilities in this section. Please feel free to include any or all of the following phrases:

Plans and controls all financial and accounting operations to guarantee timely and accurate financial statement generation.

  • Reviews monthly reconciliations and reviews/prepares month-end packages
  • Assists in the development of revenue, cash handling, and other expenditures 
  • Reviews daily financial transactions, purchase orders, commitments, and expenditures 
  • Monitors and/or analyzes cash flow and cash flow requirements
  • Preparation of personal and corporate income tax returns
  • Preparation of daily and monthly journal entries


In this part, describe the abilities and credentials you want in an applicant. Please feel free to insert any or all of the following phrases:

  • Strong process development and leadership kills
  • Strong process development and leadership kills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and client service skills
  • Proven problem solver with excellent analytical abilities
  • Exceptional time management skills and the ability to handle many tasks

Application Deadline: [Enter posting Expiration Date]

Application Process:

In this section specify how you would like candidates to apply. The following is recommended:


[Corporate website link to Careers section where job is posted]

Specify the contact name and the address to which the cover letter can be addressed.

Please send applications to [Hiring Manager] to [email@address.com] Address all cover letters to [Hiring Manager]at the following address:

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