The Cheapest Virtual Mailbox Costing & Benefits

There are a variety of virtual mailbox providers to choose from, each with a distinct price range. So, whose rates are the lowest? Find out more below.

The virtual mailbox market has advanced significantly. There have been an increasing number of companies emerging that either focus on a certain industry segment that is priced at the lower end or specialize in that industry segment. Even if there are more options available now, finding the best fit for your requirements and your budget is more difficult than ever. The market for virtual reality as a whole was estimated to be worth USD 21.83 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to develop at a 15.0% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. In this post, we aim to present you with a comprehensive image of the most affordable virtual mailbox while taking into account the three most competitive pricing points in each of the following three industries:

  • Expats, frequent fliers, 
  • And business clients
  • Domestic daily basis

Let’s go over (nearly) everything you need to know about choosing the best virtual mailbox without skimping on quality in order to save money, so sit back and unwind.

Best Virtual Mailboxes Pricing Worldwide

iPostal1 Pricing

PostScan Mail Pricing:

Traveling Mailbox Pricing:

  • Green, $9.99/mo OR $99/yr
  • Blue, $14.99/mo OR $149/yr
  • Silver, $24.99/mo OR $249/yr
  • Gold, $39.99/mo OR $399/yr
  • Starter, $10/mo
  • Standard, $20/mo
  • Premium, $30/mo
  • Basic Plan: $15/mo
  • Extended Plan: $25/mo
  • Small Business Plan: $55/mo

Outsourced VS In-House Mail Management

Outsourced VS In-House Mail Management

Price-focused businesses like iPostal1 are fine as long as there are no communication problems (such as customer support issues) and there are no potential shipping or mail processing problems. Independent pack & ship shops receive all of the mail that iPostal1 outsources (places like Postnett.) The virtual mailbox is therefore primarily supported by iPostal1 in terms of marketing and technology, while these third party partners handle its actual fulfillment. That ought to raise some warning signs.

“The capabilities of virtual mail are used more frequently by those aged 25 to 45 than by the elder generation. ”

Our Suggestion

Make sure to consider the traits and contributions of the virtual mailbox provider you choose while making your decision. You’ll probably have a negative experience if you only consider the lowest priced choice. The virtual mailbox market has fairly competitive pricing, with average prices being similar everywhere. Any less expensive membership plans contain additional costs that compensate for the price difference for you.

There are businesses like Earth Class Mail, which as was already indicated, clearly cost a lot more money. But the prices for each company on this list are essentially the same. Given that you are reading a blog post from HedgeBD, we feel compelled to share some of the main justifications for choosing us:

1. Except in cases when you request an address in a state or city where we don’t already have a location, we never outsource your mail to third-party mail processing operators.

2. Except for Physical Mail and My RV Mail, every other business described in this article has thousands of stores that are partnered with them and will handle your mail.

3. When you choose the annual plan, our cost for a fully working virtual mailbox is $9.95 per month.

4. You have the security of having just one provider handle your mail for just $1 extra than the iPostal1 annual subscription.

5. We were the pioneers of the virtual mailbox industry, starting in 1999. Since then, companies like Shell and Netflix have been trusting us with their mail. 

We are pleased that significant corporations like these two entrust their mail to us, but we are even more pleased that so many others, including everyday Americans around the globe, do the same.

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