How Does Employment Verification Improve Business Outcome

A job candidate’s employment history is verified by an employer or a recognized third party, such as an employment verification business. Especially hiring managers, this article offers an overview of employment verifications. Most businesses do not have the time to conduct thorough background checks on new employees, which is why they use employment verification services. Potential problems could arise if a company hires someone without conducting an employment verification after the hiring process is complete. This comes up with an essential point: Does Really Employment Verification Improve Business Outcome?

Employment verifications play an important role in the recruiting process. Also, client verification techniques aid in the reduction of fraud risks and expenses. According to Employee Engagement Statistics for 2018: 85 percent of employees say they are not engaged at work.

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How Could Employment Verification Help Businesses?

We contact the applicant’s previous or present employers to confirm information supplied, such as dates of employment, job held, and rehire eligibility. This solution works in tandem with The Work Number to increase turnaround time and accuracy. Companies begin the Background Verification process by contacting your previous employer. Ensure that the finished product fits the design specifications. Reduce the likelihood of product problems and failure.

Here are six suggestions for improving employee verification:

  • The requirement for speed
  • Enhanced analysis
  • Enhanced risk assessment
  • Refocusing attention on critical data pieces
  • Analysis in real time
  • The data’s worldwide accessibility

Each time an employer manually marks a Talent Trial, the machine-learning forecast improves, raising the accuracy far above 83%.

5 Ways of Making the Most of Employment Verification

Multiple aspects of a customer’s lifecycle and experience with your loan organization are optimized by employment data elements. Incorporate employment data into your workflow to make the consumer’s experience more efficient, smooth, and accelerated. Here are five pointers to help you exploit employment data and optimize the lifetime of your customers:

  • Verify your identity

With employer-reported data, you can confirm identification in real-time. This is more authoritative and accurate than self-reported data or third-party information.

  • Identify Additional Risk

During underwriting, a simple feature indicating whether or not an applicant is working, independent of position or income, has proved to be incredibly predictive in assessing risk.

  • Enhance Operations

All of these obstacles take time and money to overcome. Using an automated employment verification solution simplifies the transfer of information between consumers and lenders while lowering overall operational costs.

  • Increase Existing Customer Credit

Knowing whether or not a client is still actively employed enables you to sell to a portion of your existing customer base that you know is more likely to be a candidate for credit increases.

  • Repayment should be coordinated with payroll

Knowing the applicant’s most recent pay date and pay cycle enables you to precisely align their payroll cycle with their loan repayment schedule, increasing the likelihood of a successful payment.

What Is The Cost Of Conducting an Employment Verification

Background checks give companies information about prospective recruits’ criminal histories, work habits, and overall reliability. An employment verification normally costs between $10 and $500. The cost is determined by which components are included in the background report.  Organizations can include a variety of verification products in their employee background checks. Among these items are:

Products Costs
Verification of education $7-$15
Employment verification $7-$15
Verification of personal references $7-$10
Checks for professional licenses $7-$15
State criminal histories $9-$20
Criminal records for the county $5-$20
Company Verification $90-$300

5 Advantages of Real-Time Employment Verification

You can assess a potential employee’s reputation as a staff member by confirming their work history. An employment verification method can provide light on an individual’s current skill level, expertise, personality, experience, and work ethic at the job.

  • Discover Real Resume Data

Nearly half of all businesses and organizations rely on the information listed on a candidate’s CV. Regardless, the data might be accurate or incorrect.

  • Unknown Information Access

Generally, applicants who are chosen do not want to give all of their information since they are afraid of being rejected at the time. That is why they are hesitant to react to a former employee’s reference request.

  • Cost-Effective

Most businesses lack the resources, tools, and time to complete employment verification on each individual they recruit, especially if they hire in quantity. As a result, these organizations obtain support services that enable them to provide reliable personnel information.

  • Assists in Making Informed Decisions

Hiring is one of the most important choices that every business makes. However, failure and ignorance can result in incorrect applicant screening, which can lead to a loss of productivity and performance.

  • Assists in Making Informed Decisions

Hiring is one of the most important choices that every business makes. However, failure and ignorance can result in incorrect applicant screening, which can lead to a loss of productivity and performance.

 Tips for Efficient Employment Background Verification

It has never been more important for businesses to conduct thorough employment background checks than it is today. With the number of job candidates providing false information on their resumes rapidly increasing, the stakes of a bad hire have never been higher. Here top 3 suggestion to get before employment verification service:

  • Obtain trustworthy legal assistance to ensure that you are in compliance with employment background verification requirements.
  • Employ compliance personnel screening services.
  • Always act on the employment verification results.


Does employment verification call the current employer?

Employment verification checks will contact your candidate’s current or previous employers directly to confirm the accuracy of their employment details.

Do you have to answer employment verification?

In general, unless issued by a federal agency, you are not legally required to respond to an employee verification request.

What do companies look for in background verification?

This background check covers the position, your performance on the job, your salary, your longevity, and so on.


So, whether you desire more or better data, you now know that job verification data should be included in the mix of data you access. And, contrary to popular belief, it should be employed for more purposes than you previously imagined. Please contact us right away!

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