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A bad business practice is to hire the first person that comes through the door. Additionally, it is not a wise strategy to solely rely on trust. You ought to be aware of both their background and who they are. This is exactly for which background check. By relying only on a CV or someone’s assurance that they are competent and honest, you run the risk of falling victim to fraud. You must not take any chances when it comes to your company.

According to identity management and business intelligence provider, eight out of every 100 applicants would be deceived or given inaccurate information on job applications in 2020, with the IT industry having the biggest disparity in employee background checks at 16.60%.

Background checks can reduce the likelihood of violent, abusive, or theft-related offenses being committed. By checking the information on an applicant’s resume or job application, they may also assist your company in determining whether a candidate is the right match for the position.

Focus Points,

1. The healthcare sector had the second-highest discrepancy, at 12%, followed by retail at 10.22%, BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance), and pharma, with discrepancies of 9.76 % and 9.65 %, respectively. This is despite a decline in the overall discrepancy over the past three years.

2. Today, the vast majority of states have statutes that grant references for employment some sort of statutory immunity. Employers should seek legal advice if they have questions about compliance.

3. To ensure a risk-free recruiting process, conducting background checks on prospective employees and volunteers should take up a significant portion of your organization’s business process.

5 Most Common Background Check Challenges

1. Turn Around Time: 

You are undoubtedly spending too much time hiring each applicant if you are not utilizing a background screening integration. A quick response time may mean the difference between getting your top prospect and losing out on the opportunity because they accepted another offer.

2. Accuracy: 

Your company may be at risk for irresponsible hiring, higher turnover, poor hires, and harming your current employees if a candidate is not accurately represented. As a result, accuracy is crucial, and Choice Screening has a 99.99% accuracy record!

3. Service: 

This is another biggest challenge of the background check services. Every services may not be applicable for all the companies. They may required particular services based on their needs, so the required services can be a challenge to identify. 

4. Legal Issues:

While doing background verification if the third party has less knowledge about the laws and regulations to be maintained while giving the services there may be arised the legal issues and other complicacies. 

5. Verification of education:

Obtaining access to this information is a bit challenging because the vast majority of educational institutions and colleges are not open for business. However, some reputable Mumbai employee background check businesses are able to use their connections to obtain the required data.

Employment Screening Services Market Analysis of 2020 and 2028

Employment Screening Services

Few Tips To Avoid The Background Check Issues

1. Treat Everyone Equally: 

When conducting interviews or making recruiting decisions, you must treat everyone equally. Being treated differently because to someone’s race, religion, sex, national origin, color, handicap, genetic information, or age (if they are 40 years of age or older) is prohibited.

2. Inform Applicants The Time Required For Background Checks:

Remember that you must have a distinct, independent written document that expressly indicates you will be doing a background check before you may inform the applicant. 

You can’t just include a little section about it in your usual application for work. Additionally, you must have the applicant’s written consent in order to do a background check according to the legislation.

3. Don’t Discriminate Based On The Results of Your Background Check: 

If a candidate has a handicap, you shouldn’t base your hiring decision entirely on that knowledge. As long as it won’t significantly affect the operations or financial health of your organization, let them demonstrate their suitability for the position.

4. Keep All Employee And Employment Records Safe:

Most of the time, you must keep all paper and digital employment records for at least two years after receiving them or two years after the action was done (whichever is longer).

You can destroy the documents once the allotted period has passed by shredding, crushing, or burning paper records. Electronic records should be destroyed so they can’t be read or recreated. A hard disk may need to be “scrubbed” for this.

background verification services

Background Checks A Must To Avoid Later Hassles and Headaches


Background checks are not only for huge organizations; even small firms should do them since they stand to lose a lot from poor hiring decisions. Employing a person with a criminal history in the wrong way might endanger coworkers and permanently shutter a small firm.

A Case: 

If a new recruit exaggerates their background and credentials, you could find that they have trouble carrying out the tasks for which they were employed, which might end up costing you additional money in training. We at provide unique programs for smaller enterprises in addition to serving huge corporations.

Many Types Of Background Checks: 

Background checks fall into one of two categories: pre-employment background checks or post-employment background checks. A thorough background check would involve inquiries about a person’s identification, criminal history check, job history, and educational credentials.

Protect Your Business With Our Best Background Check Services

Although the majority of organizations have high requirements for talent, they are nonetheless constrained by scarce resources. Additionally, when it comes time to recruit someone, they usually have to act swiftly. But every candidate and worker increases the risk to the company’s security.

Fortunately, running background checks on candidates and workers is a reliable technique to identify any problems that can impact your company. Contact us today for the best background check services for your company. 

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