How To Conduct A Background Check For Employment

The employer is probably currently pursuing your professional history if you’re waiting for feedback after a job interview. If you believe that corporate background checks are excessive, you must do something.

In Bangladesh, one in ten job hopefuls misled on their resumes about their educational history just one year ago. Everything from fraudulent degrees from unrecognized foreign universities to certificate programs presented as full-time degrees could be seen on their false CV. It is not at all extravagant, therefore some people might be curious about how background check services for jobs operate.

Employers utilize background checks to learn more about potential employees. The check evaluates your record while taking factors like your financial stability, criminal background, and social media usage into account. The market for background checks is expected to reach US$ 3761.9 million in size by 2027.

You can ascertain who has the expertise, abilities, and experience necessary to complete the task at hand during this initial hiring stage. Employment verifications must be a part of the initial pre-employment screening process because they show whether applicants are reliable and a good fit for the position. Know how the background check process works to make the greatest impression possible. Let’s begin with the basics!

How To Run A Background Check

Making an informed hiring decision is the culmination of doing a background check, which starts with setting up a fair, consistent process. With the help of these six procedures, you may perform a background investigation on a potential employee.

  • Make certain your background check policy is uniform

A documented background check policy should specify who will be subject to background checks, how those results will be utilized to make hiring choices, and when those checks will take place. This promotes an equitable and open procedure throughout your organization.

2. Make Certain Your Policy Is Compliant With the Law

Background check compliance can be challenging due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recommendations, and different state and municipal laws. Always with legal counsel before reviewing your coverage.

3. Pick a Reputable Background Check Company

Your company’s hiring volume, business size, number of locations, size of your HR team, budget, background screening policy, and in-house legal counsel will all affect which background check partner is best for you. Use a background check provider for employment that complies with the FCRA, please.

The Importance of Employment Background Checks

We’ve included three troubling facts below to highlight the significance of doing background checks before you make employment decisions.

1. Drug Tests Failed at Highest Level

As a prerequisite of employment, many businesses demand pre-employment drug tests. Employers who use drug testing can lower accident rates and maintain a safe work environment. 4.2% of applicants had drug tests that came back positive on urine testing, according to a Quest Diagnostics annual report. Since 2004, when the proportion was 4.5%, this was the most drug tests that tested positive.

2. Cases of Internal Retail Theft Have a Higher Dollar Value

Internal theft is a significant issue for organizations. Employee theft might result in considerable losses for the organization. Fewer workers were discovered stealing during the COVID-19 outbreak. The average cost of each occurrence, however, climbed by 3.8% from the cost of employee thefts in 2019 to 2020. Retail theft cases involving employees had an average case value of $1,219.61. 26,463 dishonest employees in total were found out, and $32 million was taken from them.

3. Very Common for Resumes to Lie

Although most people are aware that candidates occasionally lie on their resumes and applications, you might be surprised to hear just how common this issue is. 75% of HR managers claim that they have found lying on resumes, according to a CNBC research. Verifying the facts people claim on resumes is important since it enables you to validate their claims and ensures that you only hire trustworthy workers.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Background Check for Employment?

The price of a background check will depend on how you go about it. For a cost, companies can submit signed authorizations from applicants to secure the information from the majority of states’ central repository for criminal records. This kind of information is incomplete, though, as it omits important facts about an applicant’s training, experience, and qualifications. Working with a reputable background check firm like HedgeBD is the best solution. To satisfy the demands of our clients, we provide a variety of packages as well as add-on reports.

Our costs are as follows for companies that require 25 to 50 pre-employment background checks annually:

  • $19.95 – Cost per report for a basic report that includes identity verification, a search of the federal criminal database, and a search of the federal sex offenders’ database
  • $39.95 – Cost per report for a standard report that incorporates all the data from the basic report, a search of the global terrorism watchlist, and a seven-year county criminal records search
  • $69.95 – Cost per report for a premium report that contains all the information from the standard and basic reports as well as education and employment verification

These costs do not include any potential setup costs or third-party costs. You can get a price from us if your business anticipates needing employment background checks in large quantities.

HedgeBD: Your Go-To Partner for Employment Background Checks

A crucial step in making sure you hire the best applicant for the position is running pre-employment background screening on prospective workers. Background screening provide crucial details on a possible employee’s criminal history, financial situation, employment history, and background in schooling, among other things. Are you prepared to begin conducting FCRA-compliant background screening on prospective employees? When you work with HedgeBD, you can be sure that you’re getting the most information at the lowest possible cost. Get a free consultation and additional information about our background check services by getting in touch with us right away.


What information comes up in a background check?

Verifications of identity, job, credit history, driving records, criminal histories, and qualifications are all part of a standard background screening. The kind of background screening you want conducted will, however, affect this.

How do I go about running a background check on my employees?

  • Inform the applicant that a background screening will be performed.
  • Find out which information you are permitted to obtain in accordance with the rules of your State.
  • Select a Consumer Reporting Agency that is licensed (CRA).
  • Make sure the CRA you select complies with the FCRA.
  • Engage a CRA and ask for a report.
  • Make a hiring judgment after reviewing the background investigation.

What is the turnaround time for a background check?

The usual period, according to several well-known background screening firms, is one to five days to confirm social security numbers and residences, look up national and local criminal records, as well as the United States terrorism watch list.

What sets off a red flag during a background check?

If you have a felony on your criminal record, employers could be deterred. If a person has a history of severe felonies, sexual assaults, robberies, or serious drug offenses, passing background screening may be difficult.

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