Address Verification: The Important Facts You Should Know About The Process

Fraudulent activity is on the rise, resulting in significant losses for businesses. The address verification is necessary to check that the person they are recruiting is authentic and that the address they gave is correct.

There were 43 % of occupational scams, with 52 % performing address validation and background checks and the remaining 48 percent not doing so.

Criminals and fraud activities may rise if it is not done to verify address. Furthermore, this procedure protects organizations from a variety of deceptive practices and double-dealing. As a result, many businesses now use an employee address verification method.

Background check businesses discovered certain incidents of fraud as well. Companies can also avoid possible damage or loss by acting quickly by taking address verification service.

Key Points,

1. Customer address data that is outdated or erroneous may cost your company a lot of money and effort, this requires address verification system.

2. You may ensure that your client data is clean and correct by doing. This ensures that your products and mail arrive at their intended location on time.

3. It is critical to have contact with your employees in the pre-hiring and post-hiring phases if you know their correct address through checking address validition.

Why Is Address Verification Necessary

For the following reasons, employee address verification has become critical:

1. Employee paperwork may be shared: 

Using the confirmed employee address, companies can send any papers to the employee as needed.. Once it is  completed to verify address, it can assist workers in such instances and eliminate the need for them to inquire about the address repeatedly.

2. Situations of emergency: 

Emergencies can occur at any moment and to anybody. The address verification service for employee will allow companies to contact the employee’s family address in the event that something goes wrong at work.

3. Better compliance

To preserve a company’s integrity and safeguard individual security,. The address verification system can assist internet firms in meeting KYC requirements.

4. Fraud prevention: The most compelling reason for doing within background check is to prevent fraud. Address verification services are critical for preventing identity fraud and managing reputational damage.

The Beneficial Facts About Address Verification

1. Enhance Client Satisfaction: Customers are more likely to buy from you again if you arrive on time. It’s critical to provide a positive client experience, which begins with precise look for an address validation to do on-time delivery.

2. Accurate Decision Making: In order to comprehend and make intelligent judgments, a firm must have precise information on its customers’ addresses to verify address. 

3. Improved Return on Investment (ROI): Correcting data at the capture stage can save money. Not only will your organization save money on shipping and printing, but it will also avoid paying for address correction, i.e. free address verification service.

4. Business Professional Services:  If you’re a company that deals with other companies, such as a bank or a lawyer, you may use business address verification system  to ensure that you’re delivering critical documents and files to the correct location.

5. Reduced Time For Data Analysis: The ideal strategy to facilitate the creation of strategic plans in a timely and secure manner is to use an updated, regulated, and verified procedure. 

Documents You Will Require For Address Verification

The following is a list of acceptable address validation papers for a single person:

  1. Government-issued Identification
  2. Card of Social Security
  3. Insurance card Utility bill
  4. Receipt for real estate taxes
  5. A lease contract
  6. Licence to drive
  7. sent a letter with the applicant’s name on it
  8. Papers for college enrollment
  9. Card for voter registration
  10. Statement from a credit card or an insurance policy

Two Common Ways To Do The Address Verification

1. Physical Address Verification:

A field officer confirms the employee’s data, such as their term of stay at the supplied residence, responder, and additional family members residing with the employee to verify address during physical address verification.

2. Online Address Verification:

Online service makes it easy for both employees and companies to verify their addresses. The employee must upload the address verification documents to the company’s website, and the verification is completed digitally.

Verifications Made During The Residential Address Check

1. Does The Address Exists Or Not:

Some firms send executives to the candidates’ addresses to inquire about their living arrangements. However, digital address verification system are now available, in which sophisticated software extracts vital information from reliable sources.

2. Address Photograph:

At the time of, the applicants must be present at their address. Inside the residence, the executives photograph the applicant. For record-keeping, they also want a passport-sized image with the candidate’s signature.

3. Duration To Stay: 

The duration of the candidate’s stay at each residence reported at the time of the interview is another significant aspect evaluated during the address validation through IT services. If the candidate had stayed in several different places. 

4. Types Of Ownership:

The applicant who has stayed at many places must give ownership information for each residence. To verify address must confirm whether he owned the property as a tenant or as a legal owner.

For You, Our Address Verification Services

Our services will include the following:

1. Reduce the chances of making a bad hire through address verification service. 

2. Observant of the norms and regulations to verify address.

3. Examine your applicants’ previous addresses as well as their current addresses.

4. To save time, make your hiring selection based on statistics of address verification

5. The address verification service may be done at a low cost.

6. Real-time address validation. 

To Summarise

Professional worldwide services are available from us. Our firm has cutting-edge technology and dependable resources. We fill in the blanks in your database with the information you need. So get in touch with us right now to locate the right employee for your company while being safe.

Address verification services play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of address information provided by individuals or businesses. These services help organizations validate the addresses of their customers, clients, or partners, which is essential for maintaining effective communication, delivering products or services, and preventing fraud.

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