Why The Identity Check Should Be Conducted For Hiring Employees

For a whole lot of reasons, employers now ought to go a lot deeper while doing the identity check of a candidate. Many greater elements ought to be taken into consideration, and they all ought to be carried out nicely via the means of employers earlier than committing to a proper process offer. Background checks including id check are very vital, and collectively, they could paint an in-depth and insightful photograph of a candidate. We prioritize the identification take a look at as a vital a part of heritage take a look at. This stage of facts method employers are better-knowledgeable than ever after doing the online identity verification while making selections approximately hiring new staff.

The  size of the global identity theft check market is expected to reach US $ 17.8 billion by 2026, with market growth of 13.4% during the forecast period.

Key Arguments:

1. The online id verification offers security solutions that ensure an individual’s unique authentication and identity verification.

2. Growing digitization initiatives, id check, an increase in fraudulent activities over the last decade, and an increase in the adoption of digital IDs among verticals are all pushing the identity verification industry.

3. Fraudulent activity would have been restricted to a candidate embellishing and adding false information to their CV and application. The process is easier with online id verification of background checks services.

5 Benefits Of Id Check: How To Make It Happen

1. Maintained or Improved Reputation:

By doing identity theft check, you’re demonstrating that you’re serious about establishing trust in an increasingly dangerous online environment. Consumers want to know that their information is protected in an age of constant data breaches.

2. Avoid Costly Fines: 

This is part of a larger effort to combat terrorism, money laundering, and other criminal behavior centered on identity check and impersonation. It’s important to remember that these rules are regularly revised and changed, so staying on top of them is essential.

3. Avoid Costly Chargebacks: 

This is part of a larger effort to combat terrorism, money laundering, and other criminal behavior centered on identity theft and impersonation. It’s important to remember that these rules are regularly revised for id check.

4. Preventing Fraud and Money Laundering:

Companies are having to rethink their online identity verification systems to make them more internet-friendly as more transactions take place online.

5. Enhance the Customer Experience:

Having a well-oiled, almost-instant workflow in place like this may significantly boost conversion rates. People return for more when they have a positive consumer experience. It involves making processes simpler in the context of online id verification. 

Credit Card Fraud Report 

Types Of Identity Theft Number Of Reports Percent Of Total Top 5 
1. Government benefits applied for / received 394,324 32.0%
2. Credit Card Fraud- New Accounts 365,597 29.7%
3. Miscellaneous Identity theft 281,434  22.9%
4. Business/ Personal loan  99, 667 8.1%
5. Tax Fraud 89,391 7.3 %

Third Party Identity Verification V/S Doing In House Identity Verification

Third Party Id verification In house Identity Check
1. Charge Taking 1. The agent does all the documents collection work.  1. The employers have to collect the documents by themselves while doing id check.  
2. Time Limit 2. Third party with experts can make the online id verification process easier and within time.  2. The in house identity check can be time consuming which can affect the other official works too.
3. Cost management 3. Hiring third party for id check can be a bit costly as they will do your every work for identity theft check.  3. The in house identity theft check can also be done with online id verification 
4. Cross Checking  4. The cross checking done by the third party for online identity verification will help the employer to rely on the documents.  4. The cross checking may be time consuming and stressful when doing in house id check. 
Our Identity Check Services

We Provide You With The Best Identity Check Services

Our identity verification service verifies that the person requesting to subscribe is who he or she claims to be. This provides you the confidence to start a customer connection.

  1. Reports that may be downloaded for auditing reasons while doing online id verification. 
  2. High identity check rates (95% )
  3. Models of pricing that are open and transparent for id check. 
  4. Real-time verification for identity theft check. 
  5. Coverage on a global scale for online identity verification. 

To Summarize The Facts 

Using our development kits and APIs, you may integrate our solutions directly into your apps and interfaces. Our id check system, which is based on our own artificial intelligence technology, works well in both face-to-face and remote identification scenarios. Contact Us Today for the best identity check service for your company 

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