Does Address Verification Need To Be A Part Of Background Checks

All clients who wish to undertake our full criminal background check service will benefit from an address verification. This service will assist in validating critical information, guiding criminal background checks, and providing insight into a person’s conduct. Although current and, in some circumstances, historical addresses are included in job applications and resumes, adding an address validation process not only confirms the information already received, but it also often provides new locations and names that need to be validated.

In 2020, the worldwide free address verification market was estimated to be worth USD 7.66 billion. By 2026, it is estimated to reach USD 16.65 billion, representing a CAGR of 13.29% during the forecast period (2021-2026).

Software for address verification market has been developing at a moderate rate with considerable growth rates in recent years, and it is expected to increase considerably in the anticipated period, 2020 to 2027.

Key Arguments:

1. Address verification tools are used by businesses to double-check mailing lists, client addresses, and other data that relies on accurate addresses.

2. To verify address, address verification software is frequently used by sales and marketing teams since it can examine address data gathered by lead creation software.

3. The address verification market expansion is being fueled by a growing emphasis on compliance management and an increase in identity-related frauds and data breaches.

Reasons For Which You Should Go For The Address Verification

Data like postal address verification is used by more than 90% of companies to better their business outcomes. Many businesses regard it as one of the most significant resources for increasing income and providing better service to clients.

1. Increased conversion: Cart abandonment is at 69.57 %. Since introducing address verification, several of our clients have reported substantial increases in their checkout conversion rates, particularly on mobile.

2. Time and Money Saving: You may avoid wasting communications by saving only accurate addresses in your databases. This will save you both time and money for completing the background checks. 

3. Better Customer Service: Only by employing proper address verification service a corporation can accomplish appropriately and promptly addressed correspondence.

4. Informed accurate decision making: A corporation needs to have accurate information about its consumers address validation in order to understand them and make educated decisions.

5. Enhanced ROI: Correcting data at the capture stage can save money. Your organization will not only save money on shipping and printing, but it will also avoid address correction fees that is, free address verification. 

Challenges May Faced For The Address Verification Process

1. Time consuming: To verify addresses properly a good amount of time is consumed which may result in losing of the experience employee.

2. Address system: Address systems of different areas may be different so the postal address verification may be incorrect sometimes.

3. Standardize Verification Service: Standardization problems lead to other problems. Each address must be validated against the state’s rules and the database to verify it meets all requirements, which will not be easy.

4. Knowledge of international postage: Meeting the minimum requirements isn’t enough; the address must also be correct and valid in each nation. This necessitates a basic understanding of international postage or postal address verification. 

5. Missed Address Validation: Address validation missing at the first stage can make the hiring of the employee critical and the hiring may went wrong. 

The Process To Follow For A Proper Address Verification

1. Have a consistent policy: This is ideally recorded in a flow chart so that everyone understands which procedures to take and when to finish them for service. 

2. Get legal advice: Consult a lawyer to ensure that your address verification does not put your company in jeopardy.

3. Give candidate a chance to clear up the mistakes: It is possible that the information collected during address validation is wrong. Giving applicants the opportunity to examine material can help you salvage a wonderful prospect who 

was mistakenly rejected.

4. Do not assume anything: If any information regarding is incorrect then do a cross check but never assume anything , that may result in losing the capable candidates. 

5. Take decisions with proper information: Gather all the information off address verification and others for employee background screening and take the decisions with proper information. 

Pro Tip: You should keep removing incorrect addresses. Ensure that the addresses in your client databases are always correct and up to date.

Our Address Verification Services For You

Our Services will:

  1. Reduce the chance of hiring incorrectly.
  2. Grounded to the rules and regulation.
  3. Check your candidates’ address history and the registered one.
  4. Make the recruiting decision driven by the data to save time.
  5. Cost effective solution for address checking. 
  6. Address verification in real time. 

 Final Thoughts

We offer professional international address verification services. Our company boasts cutting-edge technologies and trustworthy resources. We populate your database with the required information. So contact us today to find the ideal person for your business while avoiding danger.

Address verification is a critical process that ensures the accuracy and legitimacy of an individual’s stated residential address. By confirming the authenticity of an address, organizations can establish trust, prevent fraud, and maintain accurate records.

Address verification involves verifying the details provided by an individual against reliable data sources such as utility bills, government records, or credit reports. This process helps validate the individual’s identity, residency, and proximity to the desired location.

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