How Can You Use Employment Verification to Save Money?

Companies begin the Background Verification process by contacting your most recent employment. They will compare the information you provided to data from your previous employer.  Then, companies search public databases (criminal records) for evidence of illegal activity. Companies call your most recent employer to begin the background verification process.  A background check called employment verification searches for discrepancies between the information an applicant submits and their real job history.

This raises a serious query: Really How Can You Use Employment Verification to Save Money?

Selecting employees from the outset may help your business save time and money, therefore screening potential workers is an essential step in the recruiting process. A CareerBuilder survey found that a bad hiring may cost an organization $17,000 on average.

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How Can You Save Money Using Employment Verification?

Some firms are recruiting without pre-employment background checks due to the expense and time involved. While the recruiting process may be a little faster, possibility of negligent hiring lawsuits or just employing someone. In addition to third-party data providers’ automated employment and income verification can assist cut processing costs by enhancing efficiency at every step. Every position in the company has a job description. The tasks linked with the job description will aid in locating the required background checks for that employment. In certain cases, the fact that an employee has opted to quit a firm may jeopardize his background check procedure, even if all of the information supplied is legitimate.

IRO online document verification can reduce the verification time by 90% while simultaneously providing court-admissible proof of verification.

Employment Verification Services

How Should Employment Verification Be Implemented?

In general, lenders verbally verify the information borrowers share on the Uniform Residential Loan Application.  However, they can also choose to get the data via fax, email, or a combination of any number of methods.

Procedure for Verifying Employment-

1. Additional Information

The sort of work is the fundamental inquiry a lender could ask. Verifying the position, pay, and employment history is something that lenders are also interested in.

2. Verification for Self-Employed Individuals

If the client is self-employed, people who take on a mortgage must provide a separate kind of employment verification.

3. Common Employment Verification Methods

This enables businesses to confirm that the request is valid before giving confidential information to an unidentified entity.

  • PoE Letter

  • Paystubs

  • References

  • Contracts & Agreements

  • Third-Party Services

Estimated Cost of Employment Verification

During the hiring process, a candidate’s credibility is checked using an employment verification or verification of employment.  Someone will need to actively contact colleges, and previous employers to verify résumé information. Background checks might appear pricey since these service require time and effort. Background checks can be done for you by background check companies as well. Typically, these services cost $30 to $100 per candidate. A background check normally costs between $10 and $500. The cost is determined by the elements included in the background investigation include criminal, education, and drug testing.

5 Strong Reasons Why Is Employment Verification Necessary

Most job applicants offer inaccurate employment information, which has a wide range of negative consequences for businesses. Employees are crucial assets that may make or ruin a company. 

1. Verification of Employment Avoids Theft

Information verification can help to decrease fraud and identity theft. It guarantees that an employer is aware of a prospective employee’s job history. 

2. FCRA compliance is ensured.

They should also allow for incorrect information. To remain FCRA compliant, an employer must ensure that their entire process complies with all aspects of the law.

3. Defends against federal anti-discrimination claims

Most employers are concerned about this. In cases of discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, military status, or national origin, with the employer.

4. Workplace Violence Prevention

Though not all instances are attributable to a lack of screening, the majority are. If someone has an unidentified criminal past for violence, they may bring it to work.

5. Avoid Making Poor Hiring Decisions

Employees have a large influence on any firm. Ignoring the requirement to screen and choose qualified individuals may be quite costly. 

Recommendation For Employment Verification Prior To Usage

1. Are background checks legal

Providing consumers with information about himself or herself in the agency’s files, as well as taking measures to verify the veracity of material challenged by the consumer.

2. KnowKnowledge Based Authentication

Customers and users are required to submit vital information such as their name, mailing address, home address, phone number, age, or email when using Knowledge-Based Authentication.

3. Know about third party vendor

When a business decides to develop a compliance background screening procedure, it is critical that the Credit Reporting Agency be chosen carefully.

  • Disclosure forms, releases, and notices that are in compliance
  • Results that are legally reportable
  • Membership in trade organizations
  • Client testimonials


What is the purpose of verification of employment?

During the hiring process, a verification of employment (VOE), also known as an employment verification, is used to assess a candidate’s dependability.

Are employers required to respond to verifications?

Even when they are not required by law, the majority of employers do respond to these inquiries as frequently as they can.

Does employment verification include reasons for leaving?

Employment verification provides information on employment dates, job titles, salaries, rehire eligibility, the cause of departure, and performance specifics.

Conclusion: Employment Verification

Employment verification protects more than just the employer. It also includes the worker. It may prevent someone from hijacking your identity and working as an employee overseas. It can also guarantee them a superior staff. is one such business that provides the greatest background check services. Contact us immediately for a dynamic hiring process.

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