How Can Background Screening Services Ensure Your Company’s Security

Screening a person’s or an organization’s background involves investigating their job history, business dealings, finances, criminal records, and other actions to ensure their integrity. Today we want to share a successful case of our services that we provided a few months back. The service was employee background screening and on the top, our client was so satisfied with our services. Let’s explore how we crack the case!

Background screening services in Bangladesh

A Real-Life Case Study on Employee Background Screening

Client Detail:

Case: Mr. Ahsan Kabir

Business Type: Software firm

Location: Gulshan 1, Dhaka

Service: Employee background screening

Case Overview:

Mr. Ahsan Kabir is the head of the HR department of a reputed software firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. When he was hired as the HR director of the firm, he learned that a recent tax fraud had cost the business over a million dollars. 

This happened because the previous security director had failed to recognize that a new management employee was a formerly heinous person now  using a false identity. So that, Mr. Ahsan wanted a proper background check of their employees.

Moreover, they had a tight budget because of loss and they wanted to outsource a trustworthy provider. 

Our Approach:

Mr. Ahsan was searching for an employee background screening service provider. Meanwhile, he learned about us from one of his relatives. He contacted us and we reached him out.

We arranged a meeting with him and there was a detailed conversation regarding the issue and our services. His main preference was to ensure a safe work environment and to be aware of the fraud issues.

Background screening enables you to make wise, educated recruiting decisions that, in the long run, can save your company time and money. 

It’s simple to obtain the information you need to make knowledgeable onboarding decisions with the variety of options accessible. Simply said, background checks help you make sure the people you hire will fit in with company culture.

On the other hand, we collected all the information of the employees who work there and also collected some confidential documents with tight security. Importantly, we worked there by maintaining all the rules and regulations.

Value Delivered:

Now-a-days, Mr Ahsan Kabir and his team are working freely in the office. Besides, they can manage other areas. 

Additionally, he can visit different clients without any hassle. Our specialists carry out in-depth investigations on every facet of a prospective employee. The services he got from us:

  • History of employment contacts.
  • Educational and employment background.
  • Verification of identity and good conduct certificates.
  • Checks for credit and bank failures.
  • Searches for criminal check and repercussions.
  • Social network and media.

Final Words

To determine whether a subject is trustworthy, dependable, and credible, it is important to obtain relevant information about them. In actuality, a person’s past deeds do not predict their future deeds. Working with Mr. Ahsan Kabir is a tremendous delight. He feels relief to work especially since our services give him the independence he needs to do so. Success to us means having happy customers. We would relish helping more individuals like him. Please get in touch with our specialists if you wish to collaborate with us.

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