Why Should Employers Verify an Applicant’s Education?

Verifying an applicant’s education is necessary to make sure they possess the knowledge and abilities they claim, safeguard oneself from any legal action, and prevent wasting important resources on the search for a replacement. Some applicants may exaggerate their educational backgrounds and credentials on their applications. If you don’t check the credentials of your prospects, you run the danger of selecting underqualified and dishonest workers who might damage your company’s reputation.

While doing the education verification, it was discovered that 21.36 % of employment applications contained false information. Incorrect educational qualifications, work titles, and dates can all be found on resumes.

To make it simple for companies to make the correct hiring decisions at the appropriate time, educational institutions and employers must work together with background screening service providers to validate educational and employment credentials.

A poll revealed that 36% of respondents had lied on their resumes. Only one-third of those who confessed lying were caught.

Focus Points,

1. Verify a candidate’s statements about their education, degree, training, or certification before hiring them to make sure they are true and to look for any potential irregularities.

2. The prestige of the institute must be upheld. Violence can have a negative impact on parent donations, alumni giving, and student enrolment in the future. It is better to take your time when verifying an applicant’s education before hiring rather than regret it afterwards.

3. To make sure that their applicants have the qualifications needed to do the job, employers need to confirm their candidates’ education. Prior to employing a candidate, you should investigate any false statements they may have made.

What Do Education Verification Checks Assist You To ? 

Verifications of your education help you:

1. Swift recruiting of knowledgeable, qualified personnel.

2. The likelihood of hiring an applicant with fake credentials is decreased.

3. Protect your business from liability claims.

4. Observe all laws, ordinances, and rules of the federal, state, local, and business sectors.

What Does a Background Check for Education Verification Show?

The following universities, colleges, vocational institutions, and high schools are contacted as part of the education verification procedures to confirm the candidate’s credentials:

1. Enrollment

2. Attendance Record

3. The degree kind

4. Date of graduation

5. Major state of completion

Education Verification In house V/S Third- Party Doing Education Verification 

In House Education Verification Third- Party Education Verification
1.  Inefficient work: The employers doing education verification from the organization may not be expert enough.  1. Experts: The experienced staff for this particular work can give you the accurate result. 
2. Time Consuming: As the process is long it takes time which may hamper the main official work of the workers doing the process. 2. Takes Proper Time: The primary work of the third party will be, doing education verification. As they do not have any other official activities rather doing this they can take more time.
3. Saves Money: Though extra amount would not be necessary to pay but in the long run if the verification become inaccurate,then it will not save money.  3.Costly: The third party will take a good amount while hiring but it is proved as cost-effective in the long run. 
4. Increase The Workload: Doing education verification in house increases the workload for the employees and the staffs. So the actual official work becomes accurate.  4. Decrease the Workload: When the third-party doing the education verification the workload is lessened from the organization. 

Why Should Employers Verify Education Credentials: Reasons 

1. To defend against accusations of careless hiring

Employers are required to take reasonable safety measures to protect their company and employees. If a new hire acts recklessly or hurts a coworker while on the job, a small firm might be held liable. Pre-employment testing can assist in spotting red flags indicating a candidate and a position aren’t a good fit.

2. Verify That An Applicant Possesses The Necessary Certifications

Certain professions require a high level of skill backed by specialized credentials and degrees, especially in the healthcare, fitness, and teaching industries. The company may be put in a lot of risk if a candidate lacks the ability required to do the job.

3. False credentials, including degrees

Employers can spot diploma mills, fake academic credentials, and desperate persons trying to stuff their applications with outright bogus material by using school verification.

4. Have peace of mind knowing that your company complies with all privacy and data security laws.

It’s crucial to protect the privacy and security of sensitive data pertaining to your apps. You must abide by privacy laws and make use of encryption in order to protect data and the sensitive information you get about your applicants.

How to Spot a Fake Degree on Your Applicant’s Resume With Education Verification

1. Similarly Named Schools

You should conduct more research if an applicant claims to have earned a degree from a school whose name is similar to that of a prestigious university in another state.

2. Degree From a Geographically Distant School

Even if there are many reputable online degree-seeking programs, you should still do more research if a candidate claims to have graduated from a college or university that is far from where he or she works or resides.

3. Degree Attained Too Quickly

You should take a closer look if an application states that they obtained a degree in a significantly shorter amount of time or lists several degrees obtained in the same year.

Get The Best Experience Of Education Verification With Us 

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