The Previous Employment History Check Needs The Expert Knowledge: Yes or No? 

Our thorough services of  past employment history check ensure that your candidates’ identities and academic credentials are genuine. These tasks are carried out by individuals and organizations for a variety of purposes, including workplace safety. With the costs of marketing and man hours, recruitment may be pricey, but making the incorrect recruiting selection can be considerably more costly.The background check is the best solution for this issue in this present days.

Increased regulatory compliance, according to 66% of EMEA organizations, is an important benefit of having prior employment verification. 

According to a report, 34.2% of scams done by the employees are detected as a result of background check, while 25.4% are discovered by chance.

In the new distant work landscape, there are fewer opportunities for face-to-face interaction, and we suggest checking employment history or processes for validating the identify of potential workers may take longer.

Principle Points,

1. This online id verification is required for a variety of reasons, including compliance with government standards, security, and fraud.

2. Due to a lack of history check services, fraud costs firms in the United States 5% of their annual revenues, amounting to $650 billion in fraud losses.

3. An employment  history check can help you verify a candidate’s claims while also giving you valuable extra information on which to make your choice.

What Claims Make The Background Check Services Successful

Work history isn’t always simple. Long durations of unemployment may be a red indicator, but gaps should be thoroughly examined. For example: reference check, education verification etc. 

1. Developed Regulatory Compliance: Our prior employment verification strategy, which includes in-house compliance experience and clever built-in compliance technology, may help a company’s capacity to comply with industry rules.

2. Safe hiring: A number of  of respondents said that employment history check improved the quality of their hires. By verifying address information on resumes, background checks can help expose inaccuracies.

3. Reduced Substance Abuse: A well-designed screening of employment history procedure that includes a check of the applicant’s address history, education verification, and other elements will almost certainly reduce your cost-per-hire.

4. Prevents Workplace Violence: In the United States, around 2 million employees are victims of workplace violence. If someone has an unidentified criminal history of violence, they may bring it to work with them which can be identified with prior employment verification. 

5. Prevents Theft: Fraud and identity theft can be reduced by double-checking information. Some employees create a phony identity in order to obtain a jon. The history check services can detect these flaws, reducing the likelihood of theft.

Are The Other Ways Of Previous Employment History Check Also Necessary

1. Check for Terrorism Watchlists: The majority of history check services will check to see whether the candidate is on the US terror watch list. This is especially true for security-related occupations.

2. Validates the legitimacy: The candidate’s social security number and locates all names associated with it, including aliases and variations, dates of birth, and previous addresses are used to verify employment history here. 

3. Education Verification: As part of prior employment verification, all of the candidate’s academic backgrounds are verified.

4. Criminal Background Check: Provides information on the applicant’s criminal history. In positions of trust and security, this is especially important. Records from both the national and local levels should be provided.


General Pricing For The Pre Employment History Check Services

Services Approximate Pricing 
1. Criminal Record Check 1. $20 – $100
2. Credit History Check 2. $25 – $35
3. County Criminal Search 3. $5 – $20
4. Basic Employment Verification 4. $8 – $20

Is It Possible To Avoid Issues Of Employment History Check

1. Cross Checking Process: Do the cross checking besiges the regular screening of the information collect from the employment history check, even do a business screening as a part of cross checking. 

2. Do Reference Check:The reference check ca be wrong as the employees can fraud with the reference name and other when doing the process of background check.

3. Have Enough Knowledge: Without having enough knowledge do not go for doing the checking of employment history because it is also related with legal issues. So it is better to handle the process when having enough knowledge. 

4. Hire Experts as Third Party:Third parties to verify employment history can be beneficial for both the organization and the employees. There will be experts handling the process and organizations will not have to spend time on this.

Our Prior Employment History Check Services For You

Our experts’ services will help you in the following ways:

  1. By lowering employee turnover, hiring, and training costs.
  2. By ensuring that your organization hires the right people.
  3. By safeguarding your company’s image.
  4. By protecting the firm’s assets and private information.
  5. By assisting in the avoidance of expensive legal action.

To Conclude

We provide expert job background checks. Our firm has cutting-edge technology and dependable resources. We fill in the blanks in your database with the information you need. So get in touch with us right now to locate the right employee for your company while being safe.

Employment verification services provide essential benefits to employers by ensuring the accuracy and reliability of an individual’s employment history and credentials. These services play a crucial role in the hiring process, helping organizations make informed decisions and mitigate the risks associated with hiring unqualified or dishonest candidates.

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