Importance of Criminal Record Check 

Criminal record check is necessary for every person, being a hirer or even being an applicant. Usually criminal background checks are done for employment but not even in all workplaces.There are more purposes for which criminal checks are done.

For example: before going to any other countries outside Bangladesh every tourist or immigrant needs to go through a criminal record check process like police verification to get the VISA.  The most typical background search among all the history checks are the criminal history check .

Depending on the source, anywhere from 85% to 95% of U.S corporations employ some form of background check which includes 37% criminal records examine

Reasons to do the Criminal Background Search

1. To remain precautious from any type of harmful act that may occur by any employee or any other common public in a country.

2. A company’s reputation will be hampered by hiring employees with criminal history.

3. States do need to perform every ramification of requiring a criminal background check for a wide range of jobs.

4. Almost 52% of the employee background search is done by the corporations to improve the quality of hires including the safety purpose.

5. To keep the company’s assets safe and secure a thorough check regarding the criminal background is necessary.

5 Process to do the criminal background check services (in Bangladesh)

1. Police Verifications: Police verification is mandatory for a person to go to another country for any purpose. Police verification certificate is given from the nearby police station. The history of the criminal activities is thoroughly checked under the authority of the police. 

2. Free public criminal record check online: In present days there are a good number of websites where the criminal history can be checked. It can be considered as a criminal history checking process. 

3. Third Party or agencies: Companies hire third parties or agencies to do the criminal history check. There is a high chance that within 2022 most of the companies will follow this process at the time of hiring the new employee.  

4. Online websites for criminal check services: There are several websites that are providing free criminal record check services. After checking the records some of the websites provide the criminal record check certificates.

5. Checking criminal records from past workplace: A review from the past workplace would also work as a part of criminal record check. A verification of the activities from the previous workplace would be helpful for background check.

Challenges faced for this process:

1. Some applicants may face some privacy issues regarding sharing the criminal record check.

2. Some companies believe in reference to known ones without checking further documents, this should never happen.

3. People may apply some unethical ways to get the criminal check verification, some websites can be a part of it. Every company should be careful of this issue.

4. Sometimes skilled employees miss opportunities for this type of report.

5. Conducting thorough criminal record checks can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially when dealing with large volumes of applicants or conducting checks across multiple jurisdictions.


1. It is better to have a criminal check by a company’s own employee or agencies. 

2. In case of any corporations any record of 8 to 10 years past should be avoided.

3. The document obtained from the criminal check process should be a mandatory document in all the corporations or other places like, educational institutions

4. Every company or anywhere when taking the criminal verification documents must keep the privacy of every person.

5. This service should be included in every employment screening process. 

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Key Points:

1. Criminal records check services assist in saving the company or even a country from any uncertain situations.

2. Along with various websites can give you more information about the process of criminal record search.

3. The criminal record check in Bangladesh is done by a local level court that is based on the jurisdiction, provide by the city

To Sum up

Criminal background report is considered as a very important service in present days. Maintaining the privacy of every employee or any person every company or organization should take this document for the security purpose.

Criminal record check assists in maintaining trust and credibility. Employers have a duty to protect their employees, customers, and stakeholders. By conducting thorough background checks, including criminal record checks, organizations demonstrate their commitment to due diligence and risk mitigation. This helps establish trust and confidence in the organization’s hiring practices.

Here some process for the criminal verification is given. Following these processes one can take this particular service. 

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