Importance Of Background Checks In Capturing Potential Employees 

Before formally extending an offer of employment, background checks on potential workers are customary practice. While doing background checks throughout the recruiting process may shield the business from negative press, preserve the assets of the business.

At a predicted CAGR of 4.5% from 2021 to 2027, the worldwide background check market is expected to grow from US$ 2767 million in 2020 to US$ 3760.9 million by 2027.

A thorough background check is a safeguard that enables companies to make an educated choice regarding a job candidate.  Background verification tests can assist you in identifying possible problems up front rather than leaving unpleasant surprises in the future. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) makes that a background check by an employer that employs a third party is legal. If a prospective employer wishes to get a report, they must give you written notice of their intentions and must also obtain your approval in writing.

Principle Points,

1. To be sure the information on your CV, including where you’ve worked, when you worked there, your job title, and your income, is true, potential employers may want to confirm your employment history.

2. Because they offer a thorough view of the applicant that just cannot be represented by a resume or job verification alone, reference checks are frequently highly crucial to employers to do the background screening perfectly. 

3. 78% of applicants either lied on their application or would think about doing so on their CV. Verifying job titles, dates of employment, and rehire eligibility may all be done with the use of an employment history check.

How To Run A Background Check

1. Establish A Background Check Policy

A documented background check policy makes it simpler for businesses to define standards for an impartial, uniform procedure. The following information should be included in this policy:

1.1. Which background checks will your business perform?

1.2. When and how the business will carry out these screenings

1.3. How these test results will be utilized to make job decisions

1.4. The duties of the HR team and recruiting managers with regard to the selection procedure

2. Select A Background Investigation Partner

Focus your search on FCRA-compliant partners who can scale with your company and provide a variety of screens to enable you to make the best recruiting decision possible.

3. Inform Applicants About The Background Investigation

It’s crucial to let candidates know about any background checks, as was already indicated. Additionally, before starting any screenings, employers must provide candidates the aforementioned adverse action warning and have them sign a release form.

4. Permit For Clarification

Give an applicant an opportunity to explain the issue if their background check reveals anything that might affect your offer of employment.

Employers are obligated to provide candidates access to their background check findings so they can, if they so want, submit a complaint with the screening company.

5. Make A Decision

Once you have all the information you want, it is time to decide which course of action is best for your business. If the applicant is a good fit, you are ready to provide an employment offer and get ready for the onboarding procedure.

background check

What you need to run a background check for employment

You might need the candidate’s consent to access their credit report, other documents like their school transcripts, and social media accounts so you can check out their internet presence for background checks.

1. Verifying Social Security Numbers:

You can tell if a candidate is telling the truth about who they are and whether they are authorised to work in the nation by looking up their Social Security Number (SSN).

2. Criminal Record Check

To check if the applicants haven’t engaged in dishonest practices in the past or have warrants out for their arrest right now, you might need to look into any proof of a criminal history.

3. Drug Testing

To avoid decreased productivity in the workplace and higher employee turnover rates, drug testing could be required as part of a background investigation.

4. Credit Inquiry

You may confirm little data about an applicant, including their name, address, and contact information, by doing a credit check. Credit checks also allow you to assess their financial responsibility. This is crucial, especially if they seek a job in finance or a position that involves handling money.

5. Employment Background

Background checks confirm work history as well. A quick online search may validate or refute the legitimacy of a business and a candidate’s credentials.

Proportion Of Reasons In Doing Background Verification 

Reasons Rate
1. Verify employment qualifications 28%
2. Protect your organisation 23%
3. Safeguard customer data and cybersecurity 25% 
4. Maintain legal compliance 24%

How Long Does It Take For Background Check

A standard background check takes three to seven days to complete on average. Sometimes incomplete or incorrect check request or release forms cause checks to be delayed.

But the majority of the inspections need to be finished in a week. One exception is that FBI checks may take up to 30 days, although the majority of jobs won’t call for that length of time.

We Are There For You

Please get in touch with us, or give a look to our website for a background check that is free of mistakes and to learn more about our other services to help your business succeed if your organization is searching for a new beginning and a consultative evaluation of your present screening procedure.

Background checks are essential tools that provide individuals and organizations with valuable information about a person’s past activities, records, and background. These checks help mitigate risks, ensure safety, and promote informed decision-making.

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