Facts You Need To Know About Background Verification To Avoid The Risks

Our employee background check is designed to ensure that the individual is who they say they are. Background checks can be used to verify a candidate’s criminal record check, education, employment history, and other prior actions. A background check is regarded as an essential employment verification process before making a hiring choice in order to safeguard the organization from numerous possible threats.

The worldwide Background Check market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5 percent from US$ 2767 million in 2020 to US$ 3760.9 million in 2027.

Our goal is to make your company risk free by helping you in doing the background check like, identity check, reference check of the employees so that the hiring process can go right.

Key Arguments: 

1. An employment verification might result in an employee being denied a job. To do so, however, the employer must have complete proof of all regulations prohibiting them from hiring someone.

2. Employers must also provide an adverse action notification that clearly says that the candidate was unable to complete background checks, address verifications, and other requirements.

3. Whether it’s educational qualifications or work experience, the employer needs a trustworthy method to ensure the screening procedure is successful.

Reasons For Which You Need To Go For Background Verification

1.It Highlights Criminal History

The employer can make a final choice based on the applicant’s criminal record check. The applicant’s criminal background may reveal minor offences.

2. It Avoids Liability 

Facts demonstrate that if you don’t do a background check, education check, or address verification, you may be held accountable as a result of your negligence.

3. It ensures workplace

You simply cannot hire them, whether they are sex offenders or violent criminals. If identity check or employment verification is compromised, there is a potential that you will be held responsible.

4. Assure Job Competence

It is critical for companies to check the statements made by job candidates on their abilities. You simply cannot be confident in your hiring selections without doing an academic check and verifying prior employment.

5. Helps To Make The Right Decision

Running a background check is as crucial as everything else if you want to make sure you’ve recruited the proper individual. This is the procedure for making the best employment decision possible.

What Are The Types Of Verification For New Hires

1. Candidates employment verification: ‘To prevent employing someone who is a liability to their prior employer.

2. Criminal history: To guarantee that the candidate’s entrance does not ruin the company’s reputation or endanger the organization’s safety.

3. Credit Score: This is used to determine the candidate’s financial soundness. It’s also done to see if the candidate has ever been convicted of financial fraud or embezzlement.

4. Reference check: Checking the employee’s legitimacy and personal behavior with others who know them.

5. Social Media Check: Checking social media to see if the possible employee is from a humble family.


Risks Your Company Going To Face If Background Check Not Done 

Because both talent acquisition and talent management demand significant time and money, it makes sense to conduct your homework before taking on a new recruit.

1. False Credentials: When considering a current report, verifying credentials is very critical. It has been shown that 58 % of resumes include false or misleading information when education check, address verification is done. 

2. Fraud, hacking and cybercrime: By completing a criminal record check of a new recruit, you may do your best to be aware of any issues. A person with an otherwise outstanding résumé might engage in fraud or other forms of cybercrime.

3. Negligent hiring: If the firm failed to check and there had been past license suspensions, it might be held accountable for the damage. That’s because it had the opportunity to learn about the employee’s past driving record but chose not to.

4. Customer’s unsafe condition: Employee background checks, address verification are a crucial step in lowering the risk of workplace violence. Convictions for violent crimes are a clear warning sign. 

Our Services For Your Company

By putting regulatory and legal requirements into every aspect of our system, you can decrease exposure, protect your reputation, and get peace of mind.

  1. A fantastic candidate experience
  2. Customized solutions for your requirements
  3. Committed customer service
  4. Encourages seasonal and mass hiring
  5. We also put your safety first.

To Sum Up

A background check is a necessary aspect of the employment process. Ensure that a candidate’s information is valid, that the employment criteria are satisfied, and that their criminal past is clean before allowing them to join a new company.

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