Are Background Check Services Effective For Small Businesses?

A background check is frequently done to see if you have ever been arrested as well as to look over your career and educational background. Background checks can help to reduce the risk of crimes including theft, abuse, and assault. They may also help your company determine whether a candidate is qualified for the position by verifying the information on a candidate’s resume or job application. This brings up the following important problem: Does A Background Screening Service Really Have Any Use For A Small Business?

An experienced background screening company may be able to help you verify the backgrounds of potential hires. The market size for background screening services in the US expanded 3.3% annually on average between 2017 and 2022, with a 99.99% accuracy rate.

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How Background Checking Services Can Benefit Businesses

The best choice for conducting background checks is a third-party professional screening service provider. The company will receive the relevant details about a person’s past from the service provider. It comprises a variety of checks, during which the employer will review your academic transcripts, employment history, identity, resume, and address information. It can take up to ten working days to complete and is finished once the applicant has advanced through all stages of the interview process.

5 Benefits of Background Checks in Your Small Business

How does a background screening service such as HedgeBD aid your small business? Find out below!

1. Time Reclaimed

One drawback of doing background checks on your own is the delay in receiving the findings. A vacant post must be filled immediately; you cannot do this while you wait for the results of a background check. You lose out on a potentially outstanding employee because you’re waiting around for results, which not only results in the position becoming unfilled but also gives the impression that your small business is unprofessional to potential employees, leading them to seek elsewhere.

2. Cost Improvements

Small businesses may need to hire a specific person to handle background checks because they can be very labor-intensive. You might think about outsourcing this area of your organization if you don’t have the funds to do so or if you want to cut operational costs. A background checking service can get you up and running quickly, and implementation is simple. A lot of these businesses have easy-to-use portals where you can administer the screenings to prospective employees and check the portal for results. It’s a simple service that gives you the freedom to divert money to other uses.

3. Legal Obligation

As we previously mentioned, many small businesses steer clear of background checks because they don’t want to deal with the rules and regulations that go along with them. You definitely require a screening service provider for this reason!

4. Retention of Employees

Low employee retention rates are expensive for small businesses because they often result in a vicious cycle of hiring and firing. A background screening service can assist. One of the biggest issues small business owners confront is attracting and keeping staff. In addition to screening for drug use and criminal histories, you may work with them to include other checks like education and certification verification and even reference checks.

5. Expansion

You can give an overworked hiring manager or human resources department some relief as your company expands and a background screening service is put in place. A background screening service can grow with you if you find that you need to hire people more frequently and expand your team. Using a background screening service makes it simple to screen and hire the flood of new employees, unlike an internal hiring procedure where it would probably require hiring more people to hire more individuals.

93 % of organizations globally employ background screening services as part of the hiring process, according to industry figures.

How Much Does a Background Check Service Cost?

Before making your investment, you and the other shareholders should evaluate the risks. Typically, background check services cost between $18 and $580. Depending on the type of background investigation and other factors, the cost of a straightforward criminal background check can range from $25 to $120 per hire. Your costs will soar if you administer the test across several states or select a more thorough test. Credit checks normally cost between $28 and $32 for each hire.

Background Checks: 4 Ways to Guarantee Success

Nowadays, background checks are more important than ever. Discover four of the most significant benefits of background screening by reading on.

  • Enhance the hiring procedure

Every businessperson is aware that quality is what sets a company apart and determines the difference between excellent and remarkable performance.

  • Reduced Turnover

Background checks help to lower turnover in a number of different ways. Finding someone who meets your criteria and can do the task at hand is the first step in making the right hiring decision.

  • Preventing a Hiring Disaster

Choosing a terrible candidate may result in a hiring catastrophe considerably worse than a high turnover rate or a hostile work environment.

Think about the effects of the following situations:

  • Corporate espionage
  • There is violence at work.
  • lawsuits resulting from the careless hiring of essential employees who are unqualified
  • Employees using company resources improperly

Tips Before Utilizing A Background Check Service

Here are three ideas that businesses might take into account when making hiring and screening decisions.

  • Check for any issues immediately.
  • Look into the local employment laws
  • Be sure you’re prepared for these inspections.


Employers should use their best judgment to hire a candidate in the business’s best interests, not in a discriminatory way, depending on the results of the background checks. The extensive background investigation described above could differ based on the role and shouldn’t be used for all applicants. We appreciate you reading our Background Screening blog, and we will do it again. Contact us as soon as possible.


1. What is revealed by a standard background check?

Criminal background checks will identify any adult incarceration history, felony and misdemeanor convictions, and any outstanding criminal cases.

2. What level of the process is the background check in?

At the end of the hiring process, background checks are conducted.

3. What is a work background screen?

Criminal history checks, credit checks, reference checks, and many other items may be included in background checks.

4. Who performs the majority of employers’ background checks?

A county criminal history search is the most typical kind of criminal background investigation.

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