Get HedgeBD’s Address Verification Service At Your Doorstep

Address Verification Service is a tool used to process and issue credit cards to help banks avoid credit card fraud. All types of information can be found from the file of all types of records of the issuer through the address verification services. Through this, it is known whether the issuer is correct or not. One of the most commonly used credit card fraud services is the address verification service.

The Percentage Of The Address Verification Service Is Formed

1. All chargebacks are probable cases of friendly fraud of 86%
2. Merchants lose $2.30 for every dollar of chargeback fraud
3. Revenue lost due to chargebacks was 4.45 in 2019
4. Fraud visa disputes were filed 76.43% in 2019

18% of address submitted by online users are error-phone to some extent

All The Benefits That We Get Through The Address Verification Service

1. Cost savings

Rely on address correction software to make sure you ship packages to the right location in our country. If  the customers receive the items later than promised, it is to be hoped that they will  return to  your competitors quickly the next time they make a purchase. This will reduce your costs.

2. Data analytics

With a system for address correction automation in Bangladesh, it makes it possible to generate reports that show the real location of your customers. This will get all the customer information in your hands. This will help you to easily verify the address.

3. Customer service

By utilizing address correction software for your business in Bangladesh, you improve your customer service. At the same, this will enhance brand perception.

4. Customization

Frequent software updates will always Provide you with the most accurate information. It can create specific reports based on your interests and your preferences.

We can easily do the background verification service through the above four facilities. Because address verification service is a very important issue.

Address Verification Services in Bangladesh

How The Address Verification Service Guides

Details of Scenario Details of Transaction type
1. The customer is from outside the United States or the United Kingdom and a rich country which means the buyer’s billing address can’t be used for card verification. 1. Purchasers using a payment method that was issued by a credit card company outside of these countries will receive an address verification service decline when they perform a transaction in most cases. 
2. The customer has recently moved and hasn’t updated their billing address with their credit card company and will not. 2. If the package is being shipped in the cardholder’s name and the package is being shipped.  
3. The customer is buying a gift and it  will be sent directly to the recipient. 3. The merchant can assess if previous orders have been shipped to the address and if the purchaser has online history that  reveals an association with the address.
4. A college student makes a purchase on their parents credit card and has the order sent to the school. And this is done very easily. 4. The recipient’s last name matching the card holder’s last name, and a college address,  are good indicators of a valid transaction

3 Most Exclusive Ways Of Address Verification

1. Compares the card issue’s address with verify mailing address service afternoon to combat face-to-face transaction fraud. Address verification service offered by the United States, Bangladesh and all over the world. 

2. Holders of banks that do not provide address verification may find it difficult to verify. Traders may get errors due to lack of verification.

3. Bank merchants have offers for various types of verification. And it is usually done in the same country. This is done for most foreign credit cards. Retailers can use this service to protect foreigners from this fraud.

According to research 25%-34% fraud are committed by employees

Conclusion: Address Verification Service Anywhere

Address verification service is available everywhere. The reason is that bank fraud is organized everywhere. And the address verification service is very important to prevent fraud. For this reason, address verification service is a very important issue.  If there is no other one, the fraud of us and all the countries will continue to increase day by day.

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