Importance Of Employment Check For A Complete Background Verification

We help companies to invest in asset preservation methods by hiring trustworthy employees, which is both practical and prudent. Failure to respond can have major implications, making prior employment verification critical. 

Our rigorous history check services verify the authenticity of your prospects’ identities and academic records. Individuals and organizations participate in these activities for a number of reasons, including workplace safety.

An essential benefit of having past employment verification, according to 66% of EMEA businesses, is increased regulatory compliance.

Despite the fact that 95% of businesses undertake background checks, not all candidates are screened. As a result, it is possible to come across applicants who have not undertaken any education verification or address history check.

Points To Be Noted,

1. Fraud costs businesses in the United States 5% of their yearly revenues, equating to $650 billion in fraud losses due to a lack of past employment verification.

2. Reference checks, verification of previous work and education, credit checks, and criminal background checks for employment are the most basic types of pre-employment screening.

Reasons That Makes The Prior Employment Verification Mandatory

1. Risk free quality of hire: 67% respondents claimed that background screening increased the quality of their recruits. Background checks can help reveal inaccurate information on resumes by doing address verification. 

2. Exaggeration of employment experience: The employees can exaggerate about their experience in job or education field in the resume to get hired. That is why education verification can be helpful. 

3. Improved regulatory compliance: Our prior employment verification procedure, which includes in-house compliance knowledge and clever built-in compliance technologies, may assist a company in meeting industry requirements.

4. Workplace Safety: Each year, 1.75 million work days and $55 million are wasted due to workplace violence; using background check services before recruiting new staff might save your small business time and money.

5. Reduced Substance Abuse: By delivering fast and verifiable outcomes, a well-designed background screening program with address history check, education verification etc.  will almost certainly cut your cost-per-hire.

Ways To Do The Prior Employment Verification

1. Do it by yourself: To receive free prior employment verification for an application, an employer–or HR team member–must call each workplace stated on the applicant’s résumé to discover if the applicant was worked there, for how long.

2. Partner with the third party for the process: Using a third-party background check organization for prior employment verification services or employee background verification is a more simplified method to the employment verification procedure.

Key Arguments:

1. One of the most significant components of background checks is ensuring that the information acquired is solely utilized for job reasons, and another is education verification.

2. Every business wants its employees to acclimate to their new working environment and operate with total compassion. A corporation can improve the abilities of newly acquired employees as needed.

3. Employee theft is responsible for 30% of all business failures, and three quarters of all employees steal at least once. this is why criminal record check is an important step.

Other Process That Can Make Pre Employment Verification Successful

1. Criminal Record Check: Provides the applicant’s criminal background. Particularly critical in positions of trust and security. National and county records should be included.

2. Address History Check: Track the candidate’s prior residences. It will be easy to verify other research using address verification if you know where a candidate has resided.

3. Terror Watchlist Check: The majority of history check services will check to determine if the candidate is on the United States terror watch list. This is especially true for professions in security.

4. Social Security Validation: Verifies the validity of the candidate’s social security number and locates all names linked with the number, including aliases and variants, dates of birth, and address history.

5. Education Verification: Verifying all the academic backgrounds information of the candidate as a part of history check services. 

How Do We Collect Information For Background Check

Companies that do background checks obtain information on criminal history from a number of federal, state, and county sources, including the following:

  1. Courts of district
  2. Registries of sex offenders
  3. Public documents from Interpol
  4. Corrections Department
  5. Departments of state police
  6. Local courts
  7. Databases and other repositories of county and state criminal records
  8. Files on parole and release from prison

Approximate Pricing For The History Check Services

Search Type Estimated Cost
1. National Criminal File $5 – $10
2. County Criminal Search $5 – $20
3. Federal Criminal Search $5 – $20
4. Employment Verification $8 – $20
5. Education Verification $8 – $12

Our Employment Verification Services For You

Our experts’ services will help you in the following ways:

1. By keeping you company’s image safe.

2. By assist in avoiding costly legal action.

3. By reducing worker turnover, hiring and training expenses.

4. By making sure that your company is hiring the correct folks.

5. By preventing theft and fraud in the workplace.

6. By safeguarding firm asset and confidential info. 

To Sum Up 

If anything was filed incorrectly, pre-employment testing might occasionally provide false data. If you find any inaccuracies in your screening, you should notify the appropriate authorities right once. To know more about the process and to take our services contact us today. We are there to answer all your queries and help you with our services.

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