A Perfect Background Check Service That Isn’t Expensive At All

A platform created by HedgeBD enables a business to find the ideal employees without taking any chances.  The hiring process is hurried because of the rising level of competition in every industry. As a result, we fail to consider the most crucial element of our background investigation by Human Capital. It is significant and includes future predictions for the group or individual.

Nearly 22 million Americans struggle with at least one addiction. 9% of all Americans use heroin, 7% of frequent cocaine users have a drinking issue, 17% of marijuana users have a marijuana use disorder.

Make sure Verification is part of your background checks because identity theft associated with job fraud increased by 44% in 2018.

The Step & Process of Identity Verification

Our Identity Verification Service uses knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, one-time passcode distribution to confirmed phone numbers, and knowledge-based authentication. To establish whether the candidate’s legal name, date of birth, and address are their own. The HedgeBD applicant experience effortlessly incorporates identity verification:

1. The applicant must first complete their personal information for the background check.

2. HedgeBD either uses the provided Social Security Number to generate a set of exceedingly difficult questions that can only be answered correctly by the true owner of the SSN, or it sends a passcode to a verified phone number.

3. By asking the applicant these questions, HedgeBD engages with them.

4. Candidates who don’t pass the identity verification process still have to go through the background investigation.

5. HedgeBD will let you know if we were unable to confirm your candidate’s identity.

How to Respond to Results

A candidate’s failure to pass the identity check does not necessarily mean they are using a false identity. Employers, however, ought to exercise caution and think about seeking other forms of identification, such as a passport, a driver’s license, or a military identification, in addition to the usual forms.

The Importance of Background Check Services

Background check services are necessary to lower the potential danger to a corporation. Finding out if a candidate is qualified is the aim of a background check.

The background check also helps in shortlisting when there are numerous applications for the same employment. The best course of action for the business is to run a background check.

The recruiting process could be made easier if the hiring manager is aware of the applicant’s prior employment experience.

1. The background check will show that the applicant has a spotless record, so there won’t be any potential liabilities for the employee in the future.

2. A rigorous background check encourages a secure workplace, improving employee quality.

3. A thorough background check would protect the company’s reputation by looking for fake educational qualifications.

Global Background Check Software Market

When Should You Conduct Background Checks?

A background check may be considered by a corporation at several points throughout the interview process. When the applicant completes the application form and enters all necessary data, this could begin. A background check ought to be done before the interview. The organization will do a thorough background check on the applicant before continuing to the next round of interviews. HedgeBD streamlines the company’s time-consuming background check procedure while enhancing its quality.

1. It is not required to be done only before or after the interview; it can be done before, during, or after.

2. If sufficient screening is done, an applicant may submit misleading information about his educational background or employment history to reduce the likelihood of fraud.

3. This is the best course of action when you want to raise the caliber rather than the quantity of the hires you make.

4. Professional background checks would inevitably lead to the selection of top candidates much earlier than necessary.


Our objective is to give clients innovative screening solutions that meet their needs while also boosting the effectiveness of the overall process. Since we are the pinnacle of quality and efficiency, HedgeBD can offer background check services to your company.


Q: How much time does a background check typically require?

A: Our background checks are typically finished in 24 to 48 hours. Verification searches and county criminal searches are additional elements that could increase the turnaround time.

Q: How can I find out if a background check has been completed?

A: Through our client site, you can see the status of your reports whenever you want, anywhere. Under each search, there are estimated completion dates that are periodically updated until the order is finished.

Q: What details from my applicants do you need to examine their backgrounds?

A: All you need to do is collect the email addresses of your applicants; we’ll take care of the rest. We may send your applicants a background check application link through email or text using our QuickApp function, where they can enter all the personally identifiable data required to do the background check.

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