9 Beneficial Tips For Education Verification 

1. The Search To Be Done: Employers should search for credentials, training, and educational backgrounds stated by candidates as part of their education background checks to discover any misrepresentations.

2. To Make The Right Hire: When you recruit new employees for your business, you want to be sure that they are completely qualified and have the necessary education to accomplish the requirements.

3. Use A Third Party Verification Service: The staff saves you time and effort by handling the procedure. If the verification is for a high school, the agents will contact the school’s registrar to confirm the education.

4. International Education Verification: A candidate’s ability to fake credentials from a foreign school may be easier. Check to see if the diploma matches the relevant credentials.

5. Screen Beyond Education: For a solid hire besides the education verification.  you’ll also want to check your applicant’s criminal past, previous employment experience, and credit history.

6. The Process May Take Time: The education verification may be a bit time consuming, but for that, the process should never be considered. 

7. Go For The Expert Agent: Taking more money does not justify the expertise of the agents, so select third-party agents carefully for education verification. 

8. An Organized Plan: Before doing the verification the criteria followed, should be equal for all candidates, which required an organized plan by the organization. 

9. Do Not Ignore The Discrepancies:  A forged application or résumé reveals more than simply inaccuracy. It’s also an indication of bad character, so don’t take it on unless you’re willing to take a chance.

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