Social Media Screening For Pre-Employment Background Check In Bangladesh

However, a growing number of employers are including social media screening in the background check for their potential hires. Moreover, social media keeps track of its users’ activity for a very long time. And someone’s online activity is really huge. So, HedgeBD offers you the most efficient social media screening, background check, and monitoring service in Bangladesh.

6 Step Guide On How We Conduct Social Media Background Check

Social Media Screening

1. Select Social Media Platforms

We cover the diversified area of social media by doing background checks. And also that include Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Social Policy

2. Create A Screening Policy

Before we start screening, we create a screening policy for our client. Because that confirms that we are following legal and standardized procedures.

social media Background screening

3. Prepare The Questions

However, to ensure a fair screening process, we create a list of job-related questions.  And categories that include verification of educational and also professional credentials.

social media screening Process

4. Conduct The Check Process

Of course, we search the particular websites listed in the employer’s policies. And an open search on an Internet browser with the list of screening questions in hand.

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5. Prepare And Provide Report

In fact, the social media screening reports are then prepared. And only given to the organization’s HR or someone authorized in the screening policy.

Social Media screening Services

6. Preserve The Documentation

We retain the documentation and also keep them safe from getting into the wrong hands. Moreover,  following the company policy, the documents get shredded.

However, HedgeBD’s social media screening and background check solution scours an applicant’s online activity for possible risk factors. In addition, our elaborate screening brings forward if there are any following red flags to be found in the candidate’s past behavior.

  1. Hate Speech
  2. Bullying
  3. Narcotics
  4. Violent Images
  5. Also Toxic Language
  6. Threat of Violence

Our Social Media Screening Guideline For Background Check

In fact, take a moment to consider what happens once you hire someone. As part of the pre-employment screening. Moreover, we suggest you should conduct a social media background check.

1. Post Interview Social Media Screening
2. Collaboration With Human Resource
3. Consider Public Content Only
4. Being Consistent
5. Verify Worrisome Social Media Content
6. Pre-Hiring Decision Making

HedgeBD’s Transforming Social Media Background Check Service 

Eliminate Hiring Bias

HedgeBD gathers and evaluates all the potential candidates publicly available content in social media using artificial intelligence for risky behavior. Thus reducing bias in hiring decisions.

icon2 Social Media Content Screening
Integrated Search

Moreover, we conduct thorough searches on the public web content. And screen the potential hires’ behaviors on social media. Because that can be configured to reflect the originality of the credentials and past references, maintaining the organization’s hiring standards.

icon3 Social Media Content Screening
World-Wide Coverage

HedgeBD uses social media screening methods. Because that can be deployed in nearly all countries.

Social media screening Background check and monitoring


In fact, HedgeBD provides the best advanced social media screening analysis report and also which will boost your company’s productivity by aiding in the most efficient workforce management. Moreover, Experience the most beneficial background check service by working with HedgeBD. So, we believe in frequent communication and unmatched flexibility, and willingness to adapt to our client’s different needs.

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