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Employers conduct Reference Check services during the screening and hiring processes to obtain information about a candidate’s previous work experience, such as soft skills, character, reputation, and personal characteristics not available through an Employment Verification. Professional Reference verification benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. Check the candidate’s reputation and trustworthiness
  2. Obtain a realistic assessment of the candidate in the workplace
  3. Make sure the candidate is a good match for the job
  4. Decide who to hire based on informed decisions

We Can You Ensure Compliant FCRA & Professional Reference Check

HedgeBD provides background check services to help employers fully assess applicants during the hiring process. Reference check services through CRAs, such as HedgeBD, are a crucial component of a fair Our hiring process is transparent, and we adhere to various laws and regulations governing employment screening.

Authorization & Disclosure

The FCRA requires employers to inform job candidates that they will obtain their permission to run a background check. Special disclosure is required for reference check services.

Certifications are Required in Addition

The employer must provide certification that they have provided the candidate with special disclosure language regarding the investigative consumer report.

Adverse Reaction

The FCRA requires employers to take adverse action when the results of a background check, including a reference screening, resulting in a decision to deny employment.

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It is often the former employer’s inadequate, negative, or even malicious reference that prevents a qualified job applicant from getting a job offer.

You may be surprised to learn that nearly half of all references checked for job openings turn out negative. It may be time to check your references if you are not getting offers, if offers are suddenly rescinded or withdrawn or if communication suddenly ceases. can help you identify bad references and provide follow-up services to stop them. Choose the reference check services package below to get started.

Reference Background checks Services

The Benefits of Verifying Employee Reference Check

You can verify a candidate’s work ethic and character traits by checking references. Individual references and professional references provide you with a more subjective perspective on a candidate to confirm personal qualities. Has the candidate shown hard work, honesty, reliability ? Is this someone you would like to work with? Would he or she be a good fit for your team?

Working with a qualified reference check services give you an additional method of verifying the integrity of job candidates. You also gain information beyond what the candidates provide on their resumes.
Among the key information you can learn from standard reference verification service results are:

1. Interpersonal and social skills
2. Motivational factors
3. Relative quality of work relations

How Successful People Think ! is a service that evaluates and identifies your top-performing references for use by prospective employers. You can order one employment check today and find out why our clients prefer over all other independent reference check services for job seekers for the best quality and value.

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