Professional License & Certificate Verification Services

Now, professional licenses provided by the candidate are processed by HedgeBD’s Professional License & Certificate Verification Services. Truly, Over 3,000 licenses and certifications are safely verified against data from over 300 licensing bodies. Moreover, HedgeBD will confirm the license type, status, certificate or designation number, and any disciplinary proceedings.

Again, our License & Certificate Verification Services are available as part of an employer’s screening package. The following is a list of our professional licenses and certifications:

1. An applicant’s license/certificate type
2. Issuing Organization
3. Any limitations or disciplinary actions
4. Number of the license
5. The current state of affairs
6. Date of publication

Core Benefits Of Our License & Certificate Verification Services

Additionally, we can contact the appropriate state agencies based on the information provided by the applicant. Also, this helps to verify the type of license, certification, or permit, the issuing state, or the agency. Besides, the date of issuance and expiration if applicable, as well as any comments, honors, or actions related to the certification. Finally, any professional credentials and application lists – including certification and licensing for medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, engineers, certified public accountants, pilots, and others – may be verified, and any limits or violations can be alerted to you.

Fast Turnaround Time
Continuous Monitoring
Better User Experience
Layered Security
Reduce Unnecessary Risk
Confirm Qualifications of Applicants
Ensure An Active Valid License
Provides Complete License Information
Reduces Administrative Time
Speeds Time to Hire
Greater Convenience
24/7 Availability

 6 Types Of License & Certificate Verification

Medical License

1. Medical License Verification

In Bangladesh, firstly physicians must meet stringent licensing requirements. Only those with valid medical licenses. Actually, these are awarded by government-approved medical boards or government organizations, and are allowed to practice medicine.


2. Nursing License Verification

Next, after graduating with a recognized nursing degree, nurses must also obtain the necessary license. Here, A bachelor’s degree does not imply certification. The regulatory organization gives licenses to the nurses such as a board of nursing.


3. Dental License Verification

Thirdly, to complete their dental education, dentists, like doctors and nurses, must obtain suitable licenses. Now, boards of dentistry frequently use state or regional testing agencies. Next, this is to administer tests and issue certification credentials at the state level.


4. Driving License Verification

Again, drivers are employed by a variety of enterprises to do a variety of jobs. Also, valid driver’s licenses are required for truckers, delivery drivers, etc. Some vocations necessitate the use of specialized driver’s licenses.


5. Professional License Verification

Mostly, to perform job obligations in a range of professional sectors, you must have a license. Moreover, engineers, pilots, attorneys, certified public accountants, teachers, cosmetologists, and others, for example, must be properly licensed. So get all trustworthy services with us.

Expert Certification Verification

6. Expert Certification Verification

HedgeBD’s Certification Verification Service enhances the decision-making process for hiring, promotion. We verify, using reliable and validated methods, that candidates have the certificates they need to perform their tasks. So feel free to contact us now.

Trusted Expertise

Excellent Service

No Hidden Costs

Solid Compliance

Seamless Integration

Simplified Monitoring

Why Choose Us For License & Certificate Verification Services?

In brief, Hiring someone without the necessary license can have disastrous implications. This is especially true in industries like healthcare. Furthermore, Professional license verification and other background checks are made easier with HedgBD. Presently, we save you money by eliminating the need for an internal team to check all of your candidates’ backgrounds.

Be Confident In Hiring Decision With Us

In addition, now false or exaggerated information appears in 53% of job applications. Additionally, licenses, qualifications, and other credentials will be verified by HedgeBD. Also, you’ll feel more at ease when making recruiting judgments. That is why, HedgeBD offers a variety of background check services, including professional license verification. Also, you can guarantee that applicants have the licenses they claim.

Above all, their credentials are up to date by using our professional License & Certificate Verification services.

1. Confidence in your professional hires
2. Reduced reputational risk
3. Reduced costs and greater time savings
4. Improved fraud detection
5. Speedy verifications
6. Eliminates duplicate verifications among your staff

Easily Verify 3,000+ Professional Licenses & Certifications, Quickly & Safely

Presently, HedgBD can assist you if you’re looking for a vetting organization. Also, that can provide you with the detailed information you need to make more informed decisions about a potential employee, tenant, and business partner.

However, many occupations require licenses to practice in their industry and in a particular jurisdiction, or they benefit from certification for crucial skills. Thus, license & certificate verification is a crucial step in assessing whether a new hire is capable of doing the tasks you’ve assigned to them.


We Are Providing License & Certificate Verification Services In Bangladesh