Smart, Simple & Reliable ID/Identity Check Services 

Firstly, HedgeBD is a one-stop identity check service that speeds up customer onboarding, guarantees regulatory compliance, and prevents fraud.  Also, by using HedgeBD’s ID Verification service to check IDs against their issuing sources, you can save time and effort. Thus, this can be done when it comes to finding and collecting physical copies of IDs.

1. Document Verification
2. Face Matching
3. Liveness Detection
4. AML Screening (PEPs and Sanctions Lists)
5. Age Verification
6. Proof of Address

How do Our Identity Check Services Work For You?

Why You Choose Our Services?

Expert Advice & Support

Every day, we examine tens of thousands of identity check services and offer regulatory and compliance advice.

Onboarding of New Customers

Improve your customers’ remote onboarding experience.  Above all, Provide an excellent multichannel experience.

Available Everyday

Thus, our highly qualified and experienced document analysts are available 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., to assist you.

Verify Your Identity Remotely & In Real-Time With Our Service

Presently, HedgBD not only checks the legitimacy of identification documents but also does an identity check service on the holder. Indeed, our identity check services seek to confirm that the individual verification also assures that the person behind the terminal is authentic and present. Moreover, we developed facial recognition and live detection processes in order, to profit from a reliable and full KYC (Know Your Customer) process, particularly in remote identification scenarios.

Fastest identity checks services in Bangladesh

3 Special Services Of Our Identity Check Process

Are you a new user? A new client? Do you see yourself as a potential employee? In short, HedgeBD is a system for remote identity check services in an automated and instantaneous manner. Always, our service analyzes the submitted document and biometric capture in real-time using deep learning technology to compare and cross-reference the diverse data.

1. Document Capture

Firstly, you can integrate automatic document capture into your apps with our solution. Also, no more blurry, illegible photographs. Next, with our solutions, users are fully led through the document capture process. Moreover, our identity check services ensure quality control while also improving the user experience. So, get in touch with us today.

2. Biometric Capture

Here, to verify the identity of document holders, our biometric technologies encourage your users to snap a selfie or a facial recognition video. Now, in this step, they are once again thoroughly coached through the process and asked to take a series of actions that are analyzed. And also, cross-referenced with the information on the ID card.

3. Real-Time Decision

Thirdly, you’ll get a real-time decision on the document’s authenticity, validity, and conformance. As well as, a control report on the holder’s identity, once the study is done. Through this, one can verify that the person behind the screen who is attempting to authenticate is indeed who he or she claims to be.

Integrate Our Identity Verification Solutions At The Best Rate

Integrate our solutions directly into your applications and interfaces using our development kits and APIs. Above all, our identity check services, which are based on our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, are ideal for both face-to-face and remote identification circumstances. Also, it ensures that the person behind the screen who wants to subscribe to the service is who he or she claims to be.

In short, to help you deal with this problem, we’ve put up a list of essential identity check services. Therefore, approve actual customers, enhance conversions, decrease chargebacks, and prevent fraudulent efforts using our Identity Verification service. For instance,  when combining our new solution with document verification services, provides you with strong fraud prevention while maintaining a pleasant user experience.

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