Best Health And Drug Checks Services In Bangladesh

HedgeBD firmly offers health and drug check services tailored to the needs of employers that are regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Also, HedgeBD has over 20,000 nationwide collection sites and extensive provider site matching capabilities based on geography, service, and pricing. And, Our network includes patient service centers, nationwide third-party collection sites, and mobile collectors.

1. Chest X-Rays
2. Immunizations
3. Pre-Employment Physical Exam
4. Breath Alcohol Testing
5. Blood Serum Drug Testing

6 Types Of Drug Testing We Have Covered Successfully

Drug Test Services, Health And Drug Checks

1. Urine Tests

Besides, employers in Bangladesh use urine tests as the most common sort of pre-employment drug test. Probably, if a candidate passes a drug test, a company will typically make a conditional job offer to that candidate.

Health and Drug Check

2. Hair Tests

Additionally, Hair tests have a long detection range and can detect drug usage up to three months in advance of the test date. Furthermore, this testing can only reveal past drug usage and does not detect alcohol consumption.

Blood Screens Check, Health And Drug Checks

3. Blood Screens

Presently, blood health and drug checks are used by certain employers to check candidates. And also, employees for unlawful drug and alcohol use. Thus, a phlebotomist draws the blood that will be sent to a lab for analysis.

Simplify & Streamline Your Health And Drug Checks With Us

Here, we’re specialists at conducting health and also drug checks. Also, we’ll be a seasoned, depend able partner that can provide you with drug screen reports you can trust. Where, To reduce response time, boost efficiency, and improve the overall experience.

Also, we’ve reduced and streamlined our health and drug checks and screening services. Additionally, drug testing requires clarity, honesty, and dependability. Now, Hence we understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. That is why we tailor our services to your company specific need.

1. Accurate Reports
2. Fast Turnaround Time
3. Dedicated Team
4. Better Technology
5. Customizable Solutions

Reduce Risk & Ensure Safety

Maintain the Safety Of Your Workplace With Our Health and Drug Checks Solutions

Occupational health and drug checks, and injury prevention are all area. Which is also our consultants have substantial train and expertise positively. Certainly, they are gate keeper who are responsible for receiving and assess results in an independent and impartial manner.

Hence They will make a risk based recommend on the candidate ability to safely full fill the required role most importantly.  As well as assist in the delivery of accurate, efficient, and also depend able results.

Employee Screening

Focuses on evaluating employment history, criminal records, documents from the commercial sectors to confirm the validity.

Stream line Testing

With HedgBD, you can do all your alcohol test, as well as other health and drug check linked to your job. You can rely on us without any doubt.

Dedicated Service

We at HedgBD, handle multiple vendors for an often fragmented process or multiple invoices for you with just one customer support contact also.

Right Locations

With our extensive network of collecting sites and also clinic. We can reach your employees or medical staff members no matter where also they are.

Streamline Your Processes To Eliminate Headaches

Above all, HedgeBD provides occupational health and drug check services to meet the regulation and standar of your health care organization work place. Moreover, we can assist you to implement your work place health and drug check needs as your third party program administrator (TPA). And also Ensure accurate testing and high quality service. You’ll have access to our network of collection locations and clinic to conduct drug test , physical exam, and also other work related health and drug checks test as a customer. We propose drug testing for both new hires and current staff on a regular basis. With a large network of screen locations, we enable end to end process. Also allow staff and candi date to visit location at times that are convenient for them.

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