Cost-Effective Education Verification Services in Bangladesh

Before you recruit someone, make sure you’re investing in the proper person. So, our education verification services assist you in verifying an applicant’s complete academic history. Also, it includes GEDs, high school diplomas, and college degrees. You should verify an applicant’s education as part of your pre-employment background screening process. Moreover, our academic verification check ensures that your employment decisions are sound.

1. Verification of University Degree
2. Verification of Educational certificates
3. Verifications of Qualification History
4. Verifications of Intuitions history
5. Verifications of Graduation Records
6. Verifications of Testify Diploma

6 Benefits Of Our Education Verification Services

Qualified Candidates

Check your job candidate’s educational history is to make sure the information on their application is correct. So that, education verification reveals what your prospects are genuinely qualified for. It allows you to hire someone with exceptional talent and potential.

Spend Less Time & Money

If you leave the verification of education out of your background check, you risk hiring someone who is unqualified for the job. On the other hand, by validating a candidate’s education from the beginning, you can ensure that your initial employee is the suitable person for the job.

Catch Discrepancies

Beyond learning more about your candidate’s qualifications, education verification is critical. A forged application or résumé reveals more than simply inaccuracy. Education verification assists you in catching this misrepresentation instead of hiring honest, dependable staff.

Why Trust Us For the Education Verification Services?

1. Data from Trustworthy Sources

99 percent of students enrolled in post-secondary schools have records in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) database. We collect data from NSC.

2. Addition of Value

Our Education Verification services contains some client data that can be used to detect identity theft and application fraud, whether suspected or verified.

3. Hire More Quickly

Verifying education with in-house workers can be time-consuming and costly. HedgBD can expedite the completion of a background check, saving you time.

4. Convenience

Education verifications are provided through the same portal that we use to provide income and employment verifications. So you can rely on us.

5. Reduce Danger

You lessen the chance of hiring someone who isn’t qualified for the job by verifying an applicant’s educational history. Be risk-free with HedgBD.

6. Spend Less

We help you save money by expediting background checks. We also save you money by avoiding the costs of hiring someone who isn’t qualified.

Verify An Applicant’s Education With Us To Make Sure They Are Qualified

By validating the facts supplied by possible candidates, HedgBD assists you in making educated hiring decisions. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. An employment background check with education verification services assist you in hiring the best person for the position right away. To begin, our investigators contact educational institutions to confirm any credentials mentioned in a résumé or application by an applicant. We thoroughly analyze all information provided by educational institutions and compare it to the data provided by the candidate throughout the education verification procedure.

Get Detailed Information About Your Candidates’ Academic Backgrounds

HedgeBD provides you with tailored support during the hiring process for new workers by giving you specific data on your candidates’ academic backgrounds. You may be confident that your prospects have the certifications and qualifications they claim in their CV if you do it this way. Besides giving you a fresh view of an applicant’s true potential, entrusting this method to our auditors. It ensures that you have accurate data, allowing you to hire the best people available more quickly. Although, if you’d like to learn more about how our team of investigators can offer you credible information about your candidates’ academic backgrounds and assist you in finding the greatest people for your company, please contact us.

Education verification Services in Bangladesh

We Assure Full-Proof Information, Every Time

What good is a report if it doesn’t come from a trustworthy source? HedgeBD takes every effort to deliver information that is efficient, transparent, and readable. So that, we guarantee that we will go to great efforts for you by using certified, accountable, and qualified agents to record detailed data. Importantly, in less than 48 hours, find exact information on a prospect. Hence our team keeps track of the status of your requests in real-time. So, with centralized information, you can also save time and effort. In addition to, we assure our clients that our educational verification is highly effective for companies whose employees will be doing or managing intellectually significant jobs.

The Bottom Line

Don’t put your faith in the information offered by applicants. Although dates of attendance, major course of study, diploma/degree received, and date awarded are all included in HedgeBD education verification services reports, where accessible. Moreover, to put it plainly. HedgeBD is a corporation that is concerned about the success of your company. So, our education verification services are rigorous and efficient, also saving you time and aggravation. In addition, our team is only a phone call away if you require assistance. Therefore, we are committed to meeting the needs of our growing client base by providing them with high-quality education verification. Such as mark verification, year of exam passing verification, certificate fraud detection, and college enrollment verification. On the contrary, we will raise awareness of the hidden risk of fraud certificate holders. And emphasize the critical importance of choosing the correct qualified people for the job also.

FAQs For Education Verification Services

Verify An Applicant’s Educational Status Quickly & Comprehensively With Us