Why You Are Facing a Problem About Licence & Certificate Verification: Fix-It With Us

If your firm requires licensed individuals to do specific tasks, thorough license and certificate verification should be an important part of your pre-employment screening.

What is the main problem you face with this issue?

Consider the following scenario: you’re looking to hire a newly licensed expert for your company. You might be looking for a physician for your medical practice or a contractor for your construction company. You receive many impressive resumes during your hunt, but how can you identify who is best for the job?

You’ll conduct background checks on any applicants you’re considering, but if you’re not checking licenses and certificates, you’re skipping a crucial step that might cost your company money.

  Here’s How You Can Fix It and Get rid of It

1. Whenever you recruit someone who requires a specific license to accomplish their work, you should double-check their license and certificates during the hiring process. Verifying licenses and certificates benefit your clients or patients (depending on your industry); when you can ensure that your employees are professionally trained and certified, you can deliver better services to your customers.

2. Some people will lie about their licenses to acquire or keep a job, and if you don’t do your homework throughout the recruiting process, you could be held liable if an unlicensed worker causes injury to someone.

Important: License and certificate verification can safeguard your company from liability if something goes wrong.

You May Follow This License and Certificate Verification Process

You’ve probably figured out why license verification is so vital.  But do you know how to carry out the procedure? While the specifics vary by industry, the following are the fundamentals of licensing verification:

1.First Step: Check your accreditation criteria. The first thing you should do is review all of your industry’s and city/license state’s requirements. When validating a candidate’s license, a short review can help ensure you don’t miss a vital step.

2.Second Step: To make contact with the primary source. When validating a license, it is critical to contact the original accrediting organization. They’ll be the most reliable source of information when it comes to confirming that a transaction is legitimate. You can trust them to confirm that a license holder’s license is current and that none of the license holder’s licenses have been suspended.

This process can indeed be lengthy and tedious – especially when you are dealing with multiple accrediting bodies. Additionally, hiring managers must also conduct candidate interviews in addition to their regular duties.

Tips: Hire a vendor to do the work for you. Because many businesses benefit from hiring a third-party vendor to perform their background checks. They do thorough verification on your behalf, so you can focus on other aspects of your work and the hiring process. 

Why You Should Monitor Credentials Continuously?

1.The verification procedure is over after you’ve confirmed that a candidate you like has the license you require… right? No, not at all. Licensing statuses can change over time, after all. Due to inappropriate behavior on the work, a professional’s license may expire or be suspended.

2.If any of these events occur, the employee will no longer be eligible to work for your company. However, there’s always the possibility that they won’t tell their boss about the change. This is why it’s critical to check your employee’s profile verification and credentials regularly (at least quarterly) by contacting the appropriate licensing agencies and monitoring sanction lists for your industry.

3.This process can be a lot of work for you and your staff – which is why a third-party service can be invaluable to your company. Find out more about the benefits of third-party license verification by contacting us.

The Moral you cannot hire a perfect employee without validating their license and certificates. So verifying licenses and certificates are essential. You can follow all the steps above and also use our services.

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