Fast & Accurate Criminal Check Services In Dhaka

What are criminal check services for employment, and how do they affect background checks for employers? It’s often more difficult than people assume to get a thorough picture of a candidate’s criminal background. Although a combination of powerful solutions, resources, and technology, HedgBD makes it simple for you to make faster, more accurate, and safer recruiting decisions. So that, our complete criminal check services will help you protect your business and reputation.

1. Detecting potentially dangerous hires
2. Assisting in the protection of your company’s reputation
3. Keeping the company’s assets safe
4. Creating a culture of trust among present staff
5. Find out about further criminal conduct
6. Deliver criminal search results more quickly

HedgeBD Has Access To 85% Of Bangladesh’s Criminal Search Records

More Direct Digital Access To Criminal Check Services

HedgBD has digital access to 85 percent of criminal search records in Bangladesh. On the contrary, some county governments still use paper records, with a county clerk manually retrieving records pertinent to an employment background check. We have our own dedicated team of court researchers ready in instances when automation isn’t available. It allows us to get and send tangible court records faster than third-party court runners.

Criminal background check Services

6 Core Process Of Our Criminal Check Services

criminal check in Bangladesh
Uncover More Records

HedgBD examines tens of thousands of ‘tips and leads’ location sources holding millions of records. It allows it to find more records than a candidate’s address history alone.

Criminal Background Check
County Criminal Search

We Use a variety of court search strategies and our long-standing relationships with court researchers. Our agents obtain information directly from the courts. So you can get our services without any doubt.

Employee Criminal record Screening
State Criminal Searches

We search state repositories to find felony and misdemeanor convictions, where they’re available. Our criminal background check services adhere to all federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations.

Build Reliable & Dependable Workforce With Criminal Check System

Every day, we focus all our efforts on improving every aspect of the customer, candidate, and product experience. So, organizations that value trust and safety are more likely to succeed.

Criminal background checks give you the knowledge you need to hire a reputable and trustworthy workforce. Furthermore, comprehensive criminal background checks can help you accomplish the following for your company:

1. Reduce the risk of danger.
2. Provide a safe workplace for employees & customers.
3. Keep your assets and reputation safe.
4. Avoid liability claims and irresponsible hiring.
5. Follow all legal and industry screening requirements.

What Makes Us Unique To Ensure Accurate Criminal Record Check?

Our experts are here to assist you in making sense of the data you’ve gathered. We recognize that having the data isn’t the key to making informed recruiting decisions. Rather, comprehending the data is the key to implementing safe and effective onboarding procedures. On the other hand, our cutting-edge technology of criminal check services are built with regulatory compliance in mind.

It filters that ensure compliance with federal and state reporting standards. We use assisted and augmented intelligence because we believe humans and technology can and should interact continuously. Since our market experts use a consultative approach to technology implementation to deliver the high-quality results that our clients expect. We examine data at every stage of the criminal check to reduce the chance of mistakes.

1. Access additional criminal records in Bangladesh.

2. Maintaining high-quality control enables more accurate results.

3. Get criminal search results faster so you can hire right away.

4. Reduce your risk with compliance-enabled features.

5. More domestic screening awareness and usage.

1. We are Concerned

We exist to assist our clients in establishing a foundation of trust and safety within their businesses while also minimizing risk. So that, it is understandable how important your company is to you, which is why we make it our first priority.

2. Our Technology

Technology is at the heart of our offerings. As a result, we continue to invest in our technology. And also seek out the most innovative solutions to ensure that we give accurate and timely results.

3. Local Competence

We offer complete global solutions as well as in-depth knowledge of the regions we serve. We are Asia-Pacific experts who have a thorough understanding of the region, its many cultures.

4. Focus on Compliance

For compliance, we adhere to the strictest legal and ethical guidelines. This is critical for us, as well as for you and your company, as well as your candidates. Therefore, for worldwide background checks, we adopt a holistic, all-encompassing approach.

We Deliver Results In Hours, Not Days

A social security number trace, a national criminal records database check, and a sex offender database search are the three steps in the screening process for employment criminal background checks. However, employers can utilize the findings to make an informed recruiting decision that safeguards their business. HedgBD is proud of its robust Criminal Background Screening solutions, as well as its ability to give different options for clients with varying levels of business requirements. So that, our primary services and technology enable us to provide one-of-a-kind and strong background check solutions. Moreover, a seven-step procedure is followed throughout the total process.

Although, these stages enable us to provide industry-leading turnaround times, unwavering accuracy, and also automation for more efficient and successful client interactions. Here’s how you can use our robust solutions to create safer, faster, and more accurate hiring decisions, whether you’re searching for background checks for employers or more accurate criminal background checks.

FAQs For Criminal Check Services

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