Keep Your Investments Safe With Our Credit Check Services

HedgBD, the industry leader, provides accurate and complete credit check services and non-credit data on over 220 million people and 27 million enterprises. To help you identify the risk of new customers, clients, rental applications, and/or workers, use our credit screening solutions. You expect the people you hire and the firms you work with to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable, especially when it comes to your company’s cash. We respect those qualities as well, and we’re happy to provide our knowledge to meet your demands.

1. Identify jurisdictions for criminal background checks.
2. Analyze a candidate’s past to better understand them.
3. A professional compliance team ensures data accuracy.
4. Credit rating options (credit rating, bankruptcy risk)
5. On our secure website, you can get real-time results.
6. Customizable result matrices and a flexible process.

Credit Check Services Ensure Peace Of Mind 

When selecting someone to manage your company’s finances, it’s vital to understand that applicants are responsible for their funds. The HedgeBD job credit check summarizes each applicant’s credit history. It can be costly for your organization to hire someone who isn’t financially responsible. As a result of a poor hire, customers may experience financial damages. It could also lead to a financial loss for your company. Our credit check services will provide you piece of mind that you’re selecting a trustworthy individual.

1. Litigations for irresponsible hiring, theft are less likely
2. Clear picture of a candidate’s financial responsibility
3. Ability to make well decisions based on reliable information
4. Current and past employers’ names and addresses
5. A history of a person’s credit and payment history

Our credit check services give you the information you need to properly assess and manage risk in your firm. You’ll receive a comprehensive report that includes your prospects’ credit ratings, information on their current and former debts, and personal information verification. A credit report, as an external source of personal information, can also help organizations avoid the possibility of candidates tricking the background check process. Our agents are well-equipped to provide you with the data you need to correctly analyze a candidate’s reliability and risk.

Make Confident Decisions With Our Credit Check Report

Hiring the incorrect person may be highly expensive for a company, especially if the employee has financial responsibilities. The Employee Credit Report from HedgeBD can help determine the risk of hiring a candidate, especially if the individual is being evaluated for a position that requires access to financial information, finances, or assets. When evaluating candidates who have access to or are accountable for financial assets, transactions, or choices, our Employee Credit Report can be extremely valuable.

1. Our quick turnaround time is unrivaled in the business.
2. Professionals in the banking and insurance industries.
3. Experts from related industries will also be present.
4. Digital dashboard provides access to a vetted database.
5. Relationships with regulatory agencies that are effective.

6 Special Benefits Of Our Services

Credit check in Bangladesh

1. Avoid Bad Debt

Every business’ worst dread is bad debt. You can determine a customer’s creditworthiness and the chance of repaying a debt by performing a credit check on them. As a result, your company can avoid the nightmare of bad debt. HedgBD is a screening service, provider.

Credit Screening Services

2. Suitable Interest Rates

Credit check services will assist you in determining the level of risk posed by your consumers. You can decide whether or not to extend credit by assessing your risk. You can also determine the proper interest rate to match the risk if you decide to extend credit.

Employee Credit Check Services

3. Keep Cash Flow Positive

Your company will struggle to meet day-to-day cash needs if it does not have a positive cash flow. Customers’ credit scores can be used to evaluate whether or not they will pay you on time, allowing you to make the appropriate preparations.

Why Trust Us?

In Bangladesh, HedgeBD is the largest provider of background checks and employment screening services. Every year, we do over 300,000 checks for individuals, small enterprises, government organizations, and large corporations. So whether you’re a job seeker looking for a quick police check before starting your next position, a small business owner looking for a reliable pre-employment check before hiring your next employee, or an HR manager looking for a reliable partner to help with large-scale employee screening, HedgeBD has you covered. Our technology is meant to help you make more accurate, faster, and wiser decisions regarding an applicant’s creditworthiness and trustworthiness, and avoid financial loss as a result.

Our Expertise

1. Identity theft and fraud alerts

2. Suggestions to improve credit

3. Receive alerts when you overspend

Our Activities

1. Improves your credit reputation

2. Improves how lenders see your credit score

3. Checks your debts are stored correctly

The Final Verdict

Thanks to the internet, conducting the credit check services on an individual or business is now easier than ever. With HedgeBD’s strong web services offerings, checking any company’s credit is as easy as a couple of clicks. Within a short period of time, you will have access to the most up-to-date credit vetting information on firms and clients. All of the most recent data collected about the company you are investigating will be included in the credit report, which is accurate and given to you fast. Our web-based service will give an all-in-one solution for credit risk management. It’s the most comprehensive credit score and vetting tool available, all in one easy-to-use interface. Now is the time to safeguard your company.


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