Trustworthy Background Check Services In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Additionally with a wide range of background check services experience in Bangladesh. Also we have become a highly desired alternative for enterprises looking for innovative solutions to complete the time-consuming task of background check services in the shortest time feasible. Regardless of location, our truly global platform offers a standard yet nuanced background screening procedure for businesses and candidates. 

Faster Hiring

Firstly, the hiring and screening process is made easier with our speedy and thorough background check services.

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Hire Easily

HedgBD gives your users and also candidates an easy way to incorporate background check services into their process.

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9 Types Of Background Check Services Ready For Everyone

Background check and Screening

1. Address Verification

Especially, HedgeBD offers the most cost-effective address verification services in Bangladesh. Residential and corporate addresses are verified, corrected, and also  standardize using our background check services.

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Background Screening

2. Civil Litigation Screening

In reality Bangladesh, HedgeBD provides efficient civil litigation screening services. You may find out if you’ve ever been sued using our civil litigation screening. As well As we treat our customers the same way we want to be treated.

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Employee Credit Check

3. Credit Check

With still over 220 million people and 27 million businesses in its database, HedgeBD is the market leader. Check the credit history of new customers, clients, rental applications, and also employees using our credit screening tools.

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Criminal Background check

4. Criminal Check

With HedgeBD, you can make faster, more accurate, and safer recruiting decisions by combining powerful solutions, resources, and also technology. Additionally with our comprehensive criminal background check services, you can protect your business and reputation.

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Educational Background check

5. Education Verification

Make sure you’re investing in the right individual before you hire someone. Our education verification services can help you verify a candidate’s whole academic history. Also following, high school diplomas, and college degrees are all included.

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Employment Background Screening

6. Employment Screening

To assist our clients, HedgeBD provides background check services and also with job screening services. We make your company safe and also profitable by avoiding the numerous risks that unethical, dangerous, Risk, resources, and also technology or criminal employees.

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License Background Verification Services

7. License Verification

HedgeBD’s Professional License & Certificate Verification Services process the candidate’s professional licenses. At the same time our license and certificate verification services can be included in an employer’s screening package or provided on an as-needed basis.

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Identity ID Check

8. Identity / ID Check

HedgeBD is a one-stop identity verification solution that helps businesses speed up customer onboarding, surely regulatory compliance, and avoid fraud. Finally our identity verification service verifies that the individual attempting to subscribe to the service is who they say they are.

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Drug Background checks

9. Health and Drug Checks

We’re experts at performing health and drug tests.  Aslo we will be a seasoned, dependable partner who can supply you with reliable drug screening reports. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, as we as recognize. So get in touch with us for background check.

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We Provide The Unparalleled Verification Services

As soon as feasible, we will supply you with accurate background checks. We go above and above to double-check in that case court records we find to guarantee you can make a quick and compliant employment decision. Things never change how we approach it. Find out who has the firmest and most sincere dedication to compliance in the industry. After that you can reduce exposure, secure your reputation, and get peace of mind by incorporating regulation and also legal standards into every area of our technology.

1. Delightful candidate experience
2. Tailored solutions for your needs
3. Dedicated customer support
4. Supports bulk and seasonal hiring
5. Plus, your security is our priority

FAQs For Background Check Services In Bangladesh

Protect Your Business With Background Checks & Screening Services Tailored Specifically For Bangladeshi Employers